5 Tips For First-time Exclusive Pumpers

5 Tips For First-time Exclusive Pumpers

5 tips to getting your exclusive pumping experience off to the best start ⠀

1️⃣Be prepared⠀
Leading up to delivery day confirm with your provider what, if any, pumping supplies will be provided. Either you won’t have to over pack with parts and pieces that will already be provided; hand pump, flanges, tubing and duckbills. Or, you will want to consider bringing your own breast pump and associated parts; duckbills, flanges, collection bottles etc.⠀
& don’t forget a hands free pumping bra!⠀

2️⃣Skin to skin ⠀
Regardless of whether you intend on direct nursing or pumping, skin to skin is still an essential time following delivery. Many believe that s2s is only to assist with babys rooting to the breast for their first feeding. However, there’s so much more to this act. Transfer of healthy bacteria from mother to baby, body temp regulation, comfort, moms hormonal response and more. ⠀
💫 even if you intend on exclusive pumping due to the timing you may consider allowing baby to latch for their first feeding and follow this feed with pump sessions. ⠀

It is recommended to feed your baby at breast between 8-12 times within a 24 hour period, we have to remember as exclusive pumpers we are aiming for a similar schedule. I will 100% agree that strapping up to a pump every 2 hours is not the easiest thing to do. I am going to go against the grain and tell you that if you’re able to successfully pump between 7-9 times in a 24 hour period you’re doing a great job. ⠀

4️⃣Flange size ⠀
You may have already discovered upon opening your new breast pump that you’ll require either a 24mm or 28mm. ⠀
If I could have it my way I would include 19, 21, 24, 28mm flanges AND measuring tool. ⠀
The difference between emptying your breasts efficiently and clogged ducts can all be resolved with the proper flange size.⠀
My recommendation would be to wait until after delivery to spend money on additional flanges. You may discover your nipples may change size due to hormonal changes. ⠀

YES! Exclusive pumping CAN maintain your supply for an extended amount of time.⠀
NO! You will not dry up if you never latch baby.

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