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Nostalgia Hidden Objects

Nostalgia Hidden Objects

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Back to school with a touch of nostalgia, tell me your in your 30's without telling me you're in your 30's. 😆 I grew up circling the hidden objects in the dentist office and day dreaming in the backyard before the days of technology.

Many of you have asked for a pumping accessory cloth pouch minus the boobs, so I delivered the Pump Stuff Bag but I felt I needed to take it a step further with these original Hidden Object pouches! 

Keep yourself busy while you pump, can you find the Hidden Objects?

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Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Size info: 11”W x 13"H

Care & Details:

  • Machine wash cold, no heat
  • Hang dry
  • Top zip closure
  • Coated woven fabric

Due to the nature of this product and potential exposure to your cooties🦠  – if the original shipment package is opened, all sales are final.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katie Lecuivre

I can fit 3 sets of cups and motors in this bag, it's perfect for a day out


So cute and so much room, I can fit 3 sets of collection cups and the motors inside! Also who didn't love highlights?? So fun!

Amanda Hunt
Love it!

I have a few of the smaller boob bags but definitely wanted another full size! This bag fits so much. I can fit my Ceres Chill Demi goddess chiller plus my flanges or wearable pump. It’s really great for tossing and going on a quick car trip. Always recommend these for the fun cute prints!

Anna K
So cute!!

I think BMBF always has the cutest bag designs for pump stuff/boob stuff/any stuff. I hope you come out with more in the future- we’re gonna keep buying them all!!!

Melissa Avocato
Quality of bag

Very cute design and I was very excited to receive this product. Would’ve been awesome if it would’ve been lined as like a wet/dry bag.