LA Lactation + bemybreastfriend Chat All Things PUMPS!

LA Lactation + bemybreastfriend Chat All Things PUMPS!


Alright for Kristen and Julie's pump round up! Here it comes! You will also find Kristen (bemybreastfriend's) associated reviews and comparisons from the blog! If discount code available, find in specific review.

Best Primary Breast Pumps
Julie- Hygenia Enjoy (no longer available)
Julie- Spectra S1/S2
Julie- Motif Luna 
Kristen- Unimom Opera 
Kristen- Spectra S1

Worst Primary
Julie- Medela MaxFlow Pump in Style Julie- anything Lansinoh
Julie- Ameda Purley Yours
Kristen- Medela MaxFlow Pump in Style
Kristen- anything mobile (in your bra pump/cup)

Best Portable
Julie- Pumables Genie Advanced 
Julie- BabyBuddha 

Julie- Ameda Mya Joy Plus
Kristen- Pumpables Genoe Advanced

Kristen- BabyBuddha

Worst Portable
Julie- Zomee Z2 

Julie- Spectra S9
Julie- Ameda Mya
Julie- Spectra Synergy Gold Portable

Kristen- Medela Freesytyle Flex
Kristen- Babyation 

Best Mobile
Julie- Momcozy M5 

Julie- Momcozy S12Pro 
‌Kristen- Momcozy M5
Kristen- Willow Go 

Worst Mobile
Julie- Willow 3.0 

Julie- Elvie (original, complete in your bra setup)
Kristen- Willow 3.0
Kristen- Motif Aura 

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