Pro Tip: Feed While Pumping

Pro Tip: Feed While Pumping

If you feel like your day is a constant rotation of pumping and bottle feeding, you are not alone. Pumping while bottle feeding may not sound simple but once you nail down the comfortable positions of pumping WHILE bottle feeding I promise your schedule will feel less hectic.

When I pumped for my multiples I reworked my schedule every which way trying to figure out the most time saving schedule to feed and pump. I tried pumping before a feed, after a feed and finally during a feed. As uncomfortable as it was in the beginning trying to maneuver my body in such a way where I could manage to feed two babies and pump simultaneously, it proved to be worth the effort. Once I figured it out, my schedule seemed to free up enough to give me an actual break from bottles and pumping rather than the back to back schedule I had grown sick of.

Now flash forward to singleton life, piece of cake right? Ha, I mean it’s easier to feed one baby while pumping rather than two babies while pumping, but it’s still tough.

Don’t give up, play with your schedule, play with the baby containers and seating arrangements you own to figure out your best set up that will allow you to freely pump AND bottle feed at the same time!

My favorite seating position for twins:
⚡️ @buytablefortwo
hands down the most convenient way to feed and pump
⚡️ Boppy Loungers
two loungers side by side
⚡️ Twin Z Pillow

My favorite seating positions for singleton feeding:
⚡️ @buytablefortwo Solo Diner
elevated on a table or couch for an easy reach
⚡️ @buytablefortwo + @zoestrollers Cloud Mini
easy reach while pumping
⚡️ Boppy Lounger elevated
this lounger has a short window of opportunity because as baby becomes more mobile this lounger becomes more of a hazard than an asset, baby may wiggle right out.

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