Zomee Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Zomee Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Zomee Z2 Breast pump review

The Zomee Z2 is a very interesting pump, it puts all of the work upfront and then takes the rest of the shift off. The first 10 minutes of any session I’ve ever had with the Zomee Z2 has always been impressive. The amount of milk it’s able to pull in those first few minutes leads you to believe that this pump can “empty” you in record time. This unfortunately can give you a false sense of security which can lead to a decrease in supply, if in fact, you’re leaving milk behind regularly.

Why is this happening?

The Zomee Z2 has 3 modes: 2-phase, massage and expression. I cannot and will not pump in the first two modes. First of all, this double electric pump alternates suction during a session; imagine milking a cow. The first two modes are very stimulating (& triggering for me), the third mode is far more comfortable but still quite stimulating due to the alternating straight pull suction pattern. In my experience and opinion due to this overstimulation my body is quick to respond but after 10 minutes my body has had enough and is unable to trigger another letdown. This can be both good and bad. I’ve been finding when I’m in a hurry to pump the Zomee Z2 has been perfect for moving milk as fast as possible. When I’m a pinch or on the go with the need to move milk fast this is a great option but keep in mind you may very well be leaving milk behind. Think collection cups, mobile in your bra pumps; they’re great to get a session in but shouldn’t be relied on solely for primary use. That all said, if I need an effective session and have the time to put in, this pump is not my first choice.

⚡️Pro Tip⚡️
When first turned on this pump defaults to 2 phase, level 1 (which I am NOT a fan). My advice is to turn the pump ON, press PAUSE, THEN move the settings to where you prefer & begin pumping.
This practice has made this pump tolerable, getting triggered every time I turned this pump on was not a good way for me to begin my session.

I wouldn’t use this pump as primary nor would I recommend it as primary. Its size and ability to move milk fast can be ideal for a session on the go but the suction pattern may make your toes curl if you’re not into quick fast tugs.


Check this Zomee Z2 chit- chat out for an in person explanation of why I like and dislike this pump!

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