Motif Luna vs NEW Motif Luna Comparison

new motif luna comparison of new model

Apple to apples, amiright? It does appear that way but when you hook up and actually begin pumping side by side there’s some real differences.

The original Motif Luna is widely known to have a built in vibration, which many prefer. When I had first heard the Motif Luna referred to as “Spectra’s little sister” I wasn’t super excited. Even though I wasn’t thrilled to use this pump I approached it with an open mind and loose nerves. As it would turn out, I grew to like this pump. I felt the vibration was more tolerable than most and really gave my girls what they needed to empty well and most importantly- quickly.

So here I am reviewing and sharing the original Motif Luna and come to find out they made a change to the motor and setting options. I had just reviewed an old pump. Thankfully I was gifted a second pump by Motif, the newer Motif Luna pump for review/comparison.

At first sight I can promise you’d never know there was a difference. Same shape & buttons, truly same body.. but there was something going on under this housing.
A new motor.

The one thing I can say about the update to the Motif Luna is it is much quieter, like really quiet. But I am semi convinced the reason for this is because the vibration, which so many have grown to love, is gone. If you’ve used the Motif Luna you know the vibration and coinciding sound I’m referring to. It’s a robust yet comfortable vibration I’ve only ever felt with the ML, you can hear it, feel it and see it with every suction of the original pump.

The updated ML unfortunately, IMO, does not reflect the same vibration. If I had to describe the new suction with one word it would be: glide. I feel this pump is super gentle and your nipples glide through the tunnel, absolutely nothing harsh about it.

As for the missing vibration, I would say there’s as much vibration to this new ML as there is with the Pumpables Genie Advanced, which is nothing if you ask me.

The second change to this pump is the option to toggle cycles while in letdown mode, absolutely nothing wrong with this. More the merrier, 60-65-70-75-80

Overall, it’s still a great pump but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed w the update😕


If you're looking for the original Motif Luna review, find it here!



I had the old one and it recently broke and I got the new one, I’m having so many issues! The tug is much more aggressive… I wish I could buy the old one again… :(


Correction: Okay how do you tell the difference between the new and the old? Which one has the 45-decibel motor and which one has the 43-decibel motor?


Okay how do you tell the difference between the new and the old? Which one has the 45-decibel motor and which one has the 48-decibel motor?

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