Motif Luna Review

Motif Luna Review

Motif Luna

The Motif Luna has left me questioning my own pump preference. I am very vocal about disliking pumps that have a built in vibration. I usually lean toward pumps with straight pulls or little to no vibration. After hearing the Luna being referred to as they Spectra’s “little sister” I wasn’t chomping at the bit to give the Luna a go.

The first time I used the Motif Luna I unmistakably noticed the vibration with every pull of the pump. At first I was not thrilled because I knew I had to continue to use this pump to gauge my true feelings. But about half way through my session I noticed how quickly my bottles filled and I remember saying, “oh wow!” to the surprising amount of milk in such a short amount of time.

If there’s anything I know about the Motif Luna it’s the reputation of having the ability to empty breasts quickly. I have to admit, I am 100% on board with this statement. This pump has since become my go-to when I know I have a limited amount of time to pump. It’s reliable enough to slap on and have an effective session in a shortened time.

Are there cons? Sure, even though the Motif Luna is rechargeable and is considered mobile it’s not what I’d call easy to carry. I actually loathe carrying this pump when I need to chase a kid while pumping. Another thing to consider about the (battery) Luna are the max cycles this pump is able to put out, which are 60CPM, this max strength isn’t as much as some other pumps on the market- so if this is something you need, this pump may not be right for you. Overall, are these cons deal breakers? No, I don’t believe so. I just choose my sessions wisely when using this pump so I can stay relaxed and as stationary as possible.

I think ultimately that’s what everyone wants to know; how’s it empty, could it be my primary pump, insurance covers it- should I get it? My answer to these burning questions are, this pump does a killer job at emptying my breasts. Primary? Insurance covered? Winner winner chicken dinner. I would 100% suggest this pump as a primary, especially if it’s an insurance option. Strong enough to be primary and mobile enough to toss in your bag and get out of the house.

*Sometime in August/September 2022 the "new generation" (I'll call it) replaced the Luna reviewed here.  

As luck would have it, this pump is the "older" generation! Click here for the new model comparison!


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