Momcozy M5 Review

Momcozy M5 Review

Momcozy M5 breast pump review
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If my recommendation was based strictly off the packaging, it would be a 10/10. I was impressed, to say the least, upon opening the cardboard box. The M5 comes in its own carrying case, it’s a pretty nice touch! Since I’m a pump bag kind of girl this case doesn’t do a whole lot for me as far as traveling, but, it will be perfect for when the pump is not in use. This case has plenty of room for all the chargers, two pump and any other little loose ends you may want to stick in there for safe keeping.



Let’s get into what actually should or should not be selling you on this pump. The case is a definite perk but if the pump was the pits- I’d compliment the case and tell you to keep on moving. I won’t be doing that here because this pump has turned out be to be pretty handy.


Momcozy seems to be kicking out pump after pump, making it hard to choose which one you should invest in. Their price points can be more reasonable than some of their competitors. Momcozy pumps move milk and rarely do you hear actual bad feedback. “Actual” meaning, they aren’t charging, they’re always erroring out, the duckbills won’t stay on, etc.


There will always be a few moms who may complain they aren’t moving milk like they had expected to, this unfortunately isn’t uncommon. The thing to remember about mobile pump solutions is they’re rarely going to be as effective at moving milk when compared to your traditional and reliable set of flanges and primary pump, that’s just a fact. So when moms ask what they’re doing wrong with their mobile pumping solution causing them to express less milk, I usually ask to verify they’re flange size is accurate and then follow that with, “you’re doing nothing wrong.” Even I, an over producer, also struggle to move as much milk as I’d hope with mobiles- regardless the brand. End of the day, moving milk will always be in your best interest, so keep these mobile solutions to be used for mobile pumping.


Now back to the M5, how does this compare to the other Momcozys and should you choose this pump over the other options?


Based on size and shape alone I would 10/10 suggest the M5. I really love the way they sit in my pumping cami, the size adds to my natural breast but it doesn’t add any funny obvious angles. I think the M5 even has the Willow Go beat in this category, and I like the Go.


This pump isn’t silent but it’s not drawing too much attention, especially if you’re in a place that’s got a few loud talkers. I cruised the aisles at Kolhs and even checked out, cashier didn’t seem to notice. I wouldn’t slap this pump on and then sit on a serious conference call, but I would pop them in and go run my errands.

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This pump is super easy to use, there’s three modes but I find I only like the expression mode. This is pretty on point for me, I don’t care for stimulation or two phase (mixed) modes. Fun fact: you don’t have to pump any particular way, whichever mode(s) you respond best to, is the best mode(s) for YOU! I turn this pump on, tap the 🔁 (toggle) button to 💧 (expression) on L5 and let her roll.


The assembly of this pump is possibly my favorite. If you’ve used the S9, S12 or even the other cups with full-size silicone diaphragms you’re familiar with connecting the flange to the cup and seating them together. This may sound silly but you don’t have that at all with the M5, the design of this pump is simplified and the backflow protector and duckbill are half the size. I just find assembling these cups versus the other models is easier and faster; after all there is one less piece.


That motor though. Oh boy, my favorite part. Easy on, easy off and not in your face. I love how easy it is to practice the fridge hack with any of the Momcozy pumps, motor off, cups in the fridge. This pump is no different. One advantage this pump has are the flange caps it comes with (in your fancy new carrying case), pop those on and protect them in your fridge or pump bag.


Now what really matters, does this pump work? Yes it does. Just like other mobiles, I don’t find this pump empties me as well as I’d like. I feel I have had better sessions with the S12 Pro BUT this motor design has me in a chokehold. I will always reach for this Momcozy pump over the others, simply because of the flattering contour. I used the Momcozy S9 for a long time during my last pumping round, it works real well but that motor was kind of annoying due to the boxy design, this motor is not. Since we are using these pumps as a mobile solution and not primary (never primary) I would still choose the M5 over the S12Pro.


Flange size matters. I have shared in previous Momcozy reviews they 24mm flanges are oversized. I have found they corrected this issue with the M5, which really makes me happy. I no longer need an insert while using the 24mm flanges, one less piece to worry about! However if you’re in need of smaller flanges you are still able to reduce to your desired size if necessary!


**·.·´¯`·.· FuN FaCt**·.·´¯`·.· *

The Momcozy M5 comes with 24mm and 27mm full face flanges AnD 17,19 and 21mm silicone inserts to reduce the 24mm flange tunnel!


Another thing on these flanges, the way they’re assembled requires the backflow protector to sit at the end of the flange tunnel, which I think is a bonus. If you have elastic tissue you have no concerns of bouncing off the back of a shortened flange because the end is in fact a silicone barrier.


Does this pump hurt? Meh, I’m not going to say it hurts but I’ve had a few experiences where I felt some lube could have helped with some discomfort. I can’t say I have had the same experience with the other Momcozy. One thing I will say all Momcozy pumps have in common is their non sophisticated suction pattern and feel. I’ve said this before and like before I’m going to repeat, this isn’t a knock against the pump. There’s just nothing “special” about the suction; there’s no vibration, nothing that feels extra, just a straight boring pull of the pump. This can be difficult for some to respond to if you’re loving the vibration of the Spectra or weird rattling of the Medela.


Not everything can be rainbows and butterflies. So what’s some cons to this pump? This pump does not stand upright, for some it’s a real disadvantage. I don’t actually mind, but I have definitely spilt some milk when I didn’t pay close attention to which end I was grabbing. One other thing that I wish wasn’t the case is the fact the digital face doesn’t show you how long you’ve been pumping. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to monitor the length of your session. **EDITTTT*** The newer version DOES have a timer now! 👏🏻👏🏻


Overall when compared to other mobiles on the market that are $400+, I do feel any of the Momcozys are a good choice. I just feel the M5 may be the best based on its design.


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