Lansinoh Mobile Pump Review

Lansinoh Mobile Pump Review

Lansinoh Mobile Pump

This pump is a classic case of we need to stay competitive, let’s just get something on the market to stay relevant no matter how much it sucks, no pun intended. I found that this pump is everything opposite the packaging suggests. With a company the size of Lansinoh and the resources they have, I cannot believe they allowed this set of mobile pumps to enter the market. With the amount of competition and plenty of comps, it surprises me they ended on this design.


momcozy m5 compared to lansinohWillow 3.0 compared to lansinoh


Upon first glance, before ordering my own set I thought these cups looked huge. I’ll admit once I ordered and received my Target exclusive pumps, I was surprised to find they weren’t nearly as large as I had originally thought. So I can’t talk too poorly about the overall size, however I still find them awkwardly shaped. I guess similarly to the Momcozy design the motor sits on top of the cups, but they seem excessively robust for what they are. They're about the same size as the Willow 3.0, which I consider old tech, again with the why lansinoh, why?


The cups. Why, why the plastic! With silicone really setting the tone for flanges nowadays, why take a brand new product, one which you have FULL design control and make the flanges plastic? I don’t care how many inserts you provide, a silicone insert will never be a silicone flange *cue the POS Motif Aura*. These cups remind me of the original Freemie cups, cups I used 5 years ago, aka old tech. As a whole, the flanges have a reasonable slope and seem to fit the breast well enough. But I have found they hurt like hell, had they been silicone I might be whistling a different tune. The delay for my review, in all honesty, is due to the fact that I could hardly use these without causing nipple damage. For this reason it made the review difficult because I simply didn’t want to use them in order to review them. I require two flange sizes, 21 and 24mm, I used the (provided) 21mm silicone insert and the bare 24mm flange for my opposite breast, boy oh boy did the 24mm hurt. I blame the plastic flanges for being uncomfortable but it wouldn’t be fair to not share the blame with these motors, let’s dive into those next.


Where do I start with these whacky things. I’ve teased these motors suggesting they’re party starters, or rave pumps; they’ve got more bass than the Berghain. They’re as rough on the nipples as they are loud, which says a lot because these pumps aren’t keeping anything secret. First came the body of this pump, next came the volume. Again, why Lansinoh, you have allll the resources, a whole community of moms to poll and this, this is what you ended with? These pumps have the traditional settings to choose from, let down and expression. I find all of the settings a bit uncomfortable, but the let down has got to be the worst. Everything about the settings are super basic, generic, nothing about the feel of this pump scream, extra attention to detail. Again, I am not impressed, rather super disappointed for anyone who spent their hard earned money on this set of nipple ragers. 



turn your Lansinoh pump into a cup

An unintentional favor, or so I would think, that Lansioh may have overlooked was choosing the size of the suction port on the cup itself. If you dislike these motors as much as I have but find the cups work well enough not to also discard, you can take any standard tubing and pop it right on the port of the cup and boom, mobile cups. I have to say the only perk to owning these cups is the fact that if you dislike your motors or they die, you can still use these cups with any outside closed system pump. The only thing that would make these cups better was if they were silicone flanges. *Image is linked with tubing I recommend*


Let’s end on a positive note, the capacity and assembly. Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck, these cups each hold 8 ounces of fresh pumped milk. I don’t think it’s always necessary to have this large of a capacity but it’s better to have the space than not. I would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the minimal parts it requires to assemble, 3 parts and youre done- not too shabby. The only other cup on the market I can think of that has 3 pieces to assemble would be the Medela collection cup.


Okay sorry, I’m not going to end on a good note I can’t ignore this price tag, $249.99. I’m sorry I can’t do it. There’s no digital read, plastic flanges and they’re loud enough to wake a baby, remind me what I’m paying for again? I think the reason this price tag bends me out of shape is because once again, comparing this price to other mobiles on the market that do more and are far more comfortable, this price just isn't justified in my opionon. 

You know what else is $249.99, the Zomee Fit. With full silicone flanges, a more sleek design and newer upgrades, you’ll get your moneys worth if this is the price point you’d like to stick to. Yes, I am an affiliate with Zomee, but this isn't about affiliatition its about price and honesty. I would recommend the Fit over the Lansinoh any day, read my review on the Fit for all of my thoughts.

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