Babyation Review

Babyation Review

Babyation breast pump review

This review is the most challenging yet. I am going to state the facts that hindered my pumping experience, all while staying respectful to the brand and dedication that was put into the development of this pump.

As a whole, the one and done concept is very appealing. Everything you’d possibly need to pump on the go is self contained within this device; flanges, tube, bottles & ice pack. Capable of storing 20 ounces on the go with no need of additional coolers or bags. However, I had one too many issues which would ultimately make this pump a no-go for me.

Let’s start with a fact before getting into my personal issues. The tube is the means of transfer from breast to bottle, I’ve never been a huge fan of this method. The Babyation tube must be replaced every 24 hours or 6 hours if not used for that period of time. This detail alone has me rethinking the entire setup.

Upon opening the box there is a “how to” info card of what/what not to do. I respect the need for guides but this card was full of such basic information that it had me worried what to expect next. It was one of many red flags to come.

Babyation flange in breast pad

Babyation flange

Babyation explaination

Let me begin by saying I measure 36DD and maybe, just maybe, women with smaller breasts may not have such issues with the flanges as I have? The idea behind the flanges are to be worn discreetly. They’re the tiniest flanges you’ll ever find and a provided pad is to be worn over them to help keep the contour of the breast. This design was an absolute fail from the first try for me. The way the flange sat within the pad and the pressure it applied to my breast was a recipe for disaster. Also, the way these flanges depressed my breasts was very uncomfortable and limited suction ability.

Unfortunately I didn’t respond to this pump, hardly at all, never getting a full ounce in 15 minutes of using it. I have a natural oversupply and respond to just about anything, so this was a huge testament to how ineffective this pump is.


It wouldn't be fair of me to say I never achieved a let-down with this pump, even if it took me damn near 8 mins to get there.. another issue lied in the ineffective nature of these tiny tubes.



I try to stay as open minded when reviewing, but I just could not for the life of me figure this pump out. I am all about easy, simple and something that makes pumping less cumbersome. Unfortunately this pump did not do that for me.


The Babyation suction technology was the first I had ever used of the compression like style. Needless to say I was not impressed due to the simple fact that I was unable to respond well enough to fill even a few ounces of a bottle, while leaving a ton of milk in my breasts. With this initial experience of the compression technology I was left unimpressed. Then, I was introduced to the Limerick Breast Pump. I have yet to review the Limerick, which I can get into later, but this pump was the first of this compression technology dating back at least 25 years ago. Upon recieving the Limerick and giving it an honest shot, I was pleasantly surpised by how effective this pump and the compression technology could be. Which could only mean one thing, Babyation failed at their attempt to duplicate this technology within their new design. For me, the fact remains, compression technology is effective and a little more difficult to navigate as far as setting go, with the Limerick. But at the end of the day it absolutely works and Babyation did not deliver with their suitcase of a pump. 


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I also really struggled with this pump at first, but I contacted babyation and did a zoom call with them and I sent the pump back and got it fixed. After that it worked much better and I’ve been able to pump a normal volume each session.


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