The Truth About Mobile Pumping

The Truth About Mobile Pumping

Mobile pumps are intended for just that, mobility. These style pumps are not intended for primary use for several reasons. Mobile pump? Let’s define this. Mobile pumps are easily placed in your bra, motor and cup. Another example of mobile could be defined as collection cups. When you pair a set of collection cups with a primary pump, this primary pump may now be less effective than you have experienced. Why? Similarly to in your bra pumps, cups also have a reputation of leaving milk behind. However, cups generally do a better job of removal because they’re likely paired with a stronger pump and more times than not, seat better on the breast.Mechanically speaking, these pumps typically have a shorter motor life when compared to a pump which would be considered primary. For example the Willow 3.0 is suggested to be used for 273 hours, while the Spectra S1&2 motors are good for 1500 hours. Luckily for us, these suggested motor lives don’t just poop out at those said suggestions. If you’re going into your journey as an exclusive pumper it’s in your best interest to know the life of your potential purchase.More importantly, mobile pumps should be used sparingly and never as your primary source of removal.

As a CLC and experieced pumper one of my most dreaded introdructions to a pregnant mother begins with this

I’m pregnant and I have my insert mobile pump, I’m ready to start pumping after delivery!For the love of god, please do not use your insurance to get a mobile pump. You know who doesn’t care about your milk supply, the insurance company and, quite honestly, the pump companies. I believe it’s Motif who suggests their Aura pumps be used as a secondary option. This was wise of them to share openly. If you want my opinion why they suggest this, it’s because they’re aware how horrible those pumps are and they don’t want to catch the heat when your supply tanks and they’re left to blame. This is not an exaggeration, read the review, watch the Aura chit-chat here. Unfortunately, most companies advertising their mobile pumps and cups don't give you the heads up that their product isn't going to be your first line of primary, reliable removal. Pumping breast milk isn't as easy and care-free as many of these companies like to portray. Please don't get me wrong, pumping isn't hard but it's not as easy as popping something in your bra and going anout your day, all of the time. For many of us, we may still have to take a seat, relax and use hands on massaging to have our best pumping output.Which mobile pumps am I referring to? If you look around everyone has their version of a mobile pump. The first two on the market were the Willow and Elvie, 5 years ago these were your two choices. Today it looks a whole lot different,  Legendairy Milk, Momcozy, Idaho Jones, to name a few. Some of these pumps are far easier to use and some more effective than others. No matter how much I prefer one mobile over another, I would never suggest these pumps be your primary source of removal. I also think its important to acknowledge that just because a pump is more expensive it doesn't mean it will be more effective. Speaking from experince I have found both the Elvie and Willow 3.0 pumps are tempramental and have equally caused me grief. The Momcozy pumps are pretty straight forward, last through the fridge hack effortlessly and have yet to fail me. When comparing these price points you can purchase several Momcozy pumps before you reach the grand total of either the Elvie or Willow. The more discreet the pump and flange, likely the less effective too. An example of this would be the Babyation. The Babyation is a mobile pump in the sense it’s meant for on the go, all in one package. This pump is an anchor and the flanges are less than effective. Mobility is categorized differently among companies so I think it’s worth sharing within this blog. I have been seeing endless awards given to this brand, money talks, and many of you have been asking if I’ve reviewed this pump. Of course I have, read the review here, listen to the chit-chat hereOkay Kris, what about small pumps such as a the Pumpables Genie Advanced or Baby Buddha? Size doesn’t always matter, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not as effective as your Spectra S1, S2, SG bowling balls. These two options listed above could easily suffice as your primary pump. However, the minute you hack either of these pumps (or any primary pump) with a set of collection cups, you’ve now just switched your primary to a secondary/mobile pump. Yes, this also means that this pump may not have the same results you're used to seeing with traditional style flanges.Then why would I buy these cups or mobile pumps if they don’t empty well, every single time? Mobility. Being able to stay moving when it’s still time to pump. At the end of the day I am Team Mobile Pump. They're a fabulous tool to have in your pump bag. They’re excellent to have on hand when it’s time to go for a walk or run an errand when it’s also time to pump. These pumping options should be used to keep you moving when you can’t be anchored to a seat. These pumps should not be used in place of a set of quality flanges and primary pump. I suggest to use these pumps no more than half of your sessions in a 24 hour period. Example: if you pump 6x a day, don’t use these more than 3x. It is also in your best interest to break up these sessions with a flanged pump session. Removing the milk left behind from the mobile session will only help keep milk production elevated. Pro tip: leaving milk behind occasionally will not kill you’re supply. Leaving milk behind session after session will hurt your supply, essentially this is what weaning looks like.


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Momcozy M5 The Momcozy M5 has been my go to mobile pump since receiving to review. It's the pump used above in the image and one that will always be in my pump bag when running out of the house. I used to be a cup and pump kinda gal, and not that I'm not any longer, but these are just too easy to grab and go when in a hurry. use SELFCAREMAMA at checkout on Amazon for 10% off 

Momcozy S9 vs M5 The S12Pro isn't a bad choice either but the shape of the M5 is what wins me over everytime. use SELFCARES12 for 10% off 

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