Momcozy M5 vs S12 Pro

Momcozy M5 vs S12 Pro

Momcozy M5 vs S12 Pro


The differences between these pumps, in my opinion, will make your choice that much easier.


Let’s start with the flanges, when I opened the M5 pumps I noticed immediately that the flanges were not the same as the S12 Pro. Yes, they’re both silicone flanges (yay!) but the M5 flanges that are labeled as 24mm flanges, actually are 24mm flanges. Unlike the S12 Pro flanges which are labeled as 24mm flanges but are oversized; which I share in the S12 Pro review. Is there anything actually wrong with this, yes and no, these flanges don’t inhibit the pumps performance but the oversized flanges might inhibit your let down performance. You may need inserts to get to your more comfortable size. I was very pleased when I saw the M5 flange was dialed down from the previous flange design.


Both flanges have a double seal flange that provides a better seat to the bottom half of the flange where it attaches to the cup. This is a great little feature because it restricts the flanges coming off the plastic cup while in your bra, or when being removed. Just an added security, no need to order those plastic 3D printed flange cuffs to hold your cups and flanges together.


In my original M5 review I shared that one disadvantage to the operator panel was the lack of a timer. Well they have since made this improvement, so we can scratch that off the list! Both the M5 and the S12Pro have a timer that counts up to 30 minutes; at this minute marker both pumps time out and power off automatically.

Momcozy M5 vs S12 ProMomcozy M5 vs S12 ProMomcozy M5 vs S12 Pro

The biggest difference between these two pumps, which make all the difference for me is the body shape. The M5 continue to win me over after each subsequent use when I use them side by side to refresh my memory. The M5 is a fabulous design, contours to the breast as naturally as you’d want any cup or in your bra pump to fit. There are no angles, no funny buttons oddly placed where your nipple naturally can be found (Elvie) and it’s doesn’t have a deep profile. I’ve said it 100x, no matter what you put in your bra, it may always add to your size but these are the best option I have came across. The S12 Pro may be able to hold more because the motors sit on top of the cup rather than built into the cup, but these cake toppers really can add a lot behind your t-shirt. I’ve used the S12 Pro countless times and choose not to care about the 90* angle but the M5 had completely eliminated that distraction for me.


The M5 and S12 Pro, in my opinion, feel and operate the exact same. I do not believe one out performs the other. I have used them side by side numerous times and once I stop thinking about the session it occurs to me how similar they both are. They each have 3 mode variations, each mode operates levels 1-9. The biggest factor of output while using these pumps, for me, is flange size. Again reiterating that the M5, 24mm flanges have an advantage over the oversized S12 Pro flange.


If volume is in question for you, it’s important to know that the M5 cups each hold 4 ounces, while the S12 Pro each hold 6 ounces. The reason for this difference is due to the M5 motor being built into the cup design, I personally think it’s worth the reduction in cup volume. It’s easy enough to pull out of your bra, empty and place back in to keep pumping. I would say comparing any of the Momcozy pumps to their overpriced competitors, there is mininal troubleshooting and never any mechanical errors to override. Since the Momcozy pumps are so easy to use, they're also easy to take in and out of the bra to empty or reposistion.


I am unapologetically team M5 but I won’t trash the S12 Pro. I have used both enough to know that the M5 answers more of my needs with the sleek design and quieter motor.


At the end of the day regardless of which mobile breast pump I prefer or suggest, I will never recommend a mobile option to be your primary source of removal. Even though I have been finding great success with the M5, I will only use it 1-2 times a day. All other sessions will be my most effective pump options and solid set of silicone flanges. When incorporating mobiles into your routine it should be top prioity to use them responsibly and not as a sole source of removal. 

If you're into podcasts listen to episode #13 all about Why Cups (or mobiles) Aren't Ideal for Primary Removal


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I am trying to decide between these two pumps and noticed the fact that the s12pro lists that it is hospital grade and the M5 doesn’t, does that play into performance?

Kelsey Dehlinger


You mention it is easy enough to pop them out & empty & pop back in if you need too. Does the pump automatically shut off if the cups get full or is there a risk of overfilling the cups/do you have to keep an eye on them yourself?


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