How Often & How Long

How Often & How Long

how long and how often to collect colostrum

Super short and to the point.

1️⃣ there is no right amount of times antenatal expression needs to be done a day

2️⃣ no, you do not have to treat these sessions like a regular postpartum pumping session. alternating breasts for 5-10 minutes twice a day may produce adequate colostrum for that day’s collection

3️⃣ depending on your needs and expectations you may only be looking to collect X amount of colostrum. keeping in mind once baby has been delivered you will be expressing colostrum (milk) within the first hour/s baby is born. this said, you may be able to stay ahead of baby’s appetite. possibly no need for an abundant amount of colostum on hand

4️⃣ no, whether you are nursing throughout your pregnancy or collecting colostrum, you will not deplete your colostrum supply. until baby is delivered, along with the placenta, then does the natural transition between colostrum to transitional to mature milk take place.

5️⃣ hand expression or by electric pump? ideally hand expression is top choice when collecting colostrum. does that mean you can’t use an electric pump? not at all! use which means is most comfortable for you. remember colostrum is expressed at a much smaller volume than mature milk. it may be easier to collect this smaller volume of milk by hand opposed to a pump.

Take a look at this journal found within Maternal & Child Nutrition, National Library of Medicine, pretty cool read!

Here they reference antental milk expression (AME); the why, how and direct quotes from mothers who found AME contribute to their postpartum breastfeeding successes.


Click HERE for journal entry

Click HERE for IRL tutorial how to collect colostrum

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