Traveling while Pumping Favorites

Traveling while Pumping Favorites

Along with all these awesome products, TSA has some guidelines to help you arrive to the airport informed and prepared. Check it out here.
1. Sarah Wells Cooler Bag  $36.99 
Love this cooler for the fridge hack on the go or simply traveling with milk and the provided ice pack
2. Sarah Wells Wet-Dry bag  $36.99
Wet-dry bags are a win win all the way around. I often toss my cups right in there and hit the road when going out for a short run.
3. Sarah Wells Fiona Bag  $149.00 
This bag is machine washable, MACHINE WASHABLE! Nothing says clean away that travel stink than tossing your pump bag in the washing machine!
4. Sarah Wells Madeline Carry-on  $149
I have used this carry-on twice now, I love the convenience of being able to open up the side pockets of this roller carry-on while pumping in the airport. Too easy 
5. bemybreastfriend Pump Stuff Bag
Call me biased but this bag is all that and a bag of chips, with the list of all your necessities printed right on the bag- you won't be forgetting anything!
1. Davin & Adley Amelia Cami $49.00
Looking for a pumping "bra" that can do it all, especially while traveling- look no further!
2. Reebok Shoes $44.49
Old Man Rivers here! I love these Reeboks- I have two pair, they haven't failed me yet!
3. Love & Fit Guardian Leggings $79.00
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No roll, perfect elevation on the belly and always super soft. These are my favorite!
4. Oversized T-Shirt $20.99
Being able to open your shirt from the top down is helpful, an oversized shirt definitely helps!
1. Zomee Cups $59.99
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Looking for cups? Say no more. Love these, they're silicone, 8oz capacity and easy to use!
2. Pumpables Genie Advanced $180
This is your new favorite primary pump, when paired with a set of cups, your new favorite secondary pump. A win-win!
3. Gallon sized storage bags $11.69
Silly? Not really, you will NOT regret traveling through TSA with extra gallon size bags in your carry-on!
4. Lansinoh milk bags $9.00
I find these bags the easiest to use, soft plastic, easy to use and freeze flat, just be careful you don't nic them.
1. Medela pump wipes $6.89
2. Medela pump cleaning spray $7.58
Medela cleaning solutions are nice to have around, always good to keep in the back pocket. 
3. Ceres Chill Wash basin $24.99
Dirty airport, dirty hotel room sink- Ceres Chill has you covered. This handy, machine washable bag will be your saving grace while out of your own kitchen.
4. Tamper Evident tape $12.34
Need to leave your milk in a gallon size bag in the hotel kitchen freezer? Use this tamper proof tape for a piece of mind!
1. Ceres Chill $68.98
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I am a little obsessed with the Ceres Chill, my two 48 hour trips were a breeze, last trip I brought back 100 ounces of milk between two Ceres Chillers and one cooler!
2. Cooler ice packs $27.99
Who doesn't like reusable, and you can empty if necessary and reuse again later!
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Looks like the Ceres Chill Wash Basin isn’t currently available. Can you use your connections to see if it’s coming back anytime soon? ;)

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