Top 10 Products For On The Go Pumping

         top 10 products for pumping on the go

As a third time breastfeeding mama I have tried tons of products and ultimately narrowed down which currently  work the best for me! Back to work or off to run my errands these products have kept my pumping on the go seamless and keeping me confident. It always puts a smile on my face when I read messages from the bemybreastfriend community about how these products have helped build their confidence and success too!
I own all of these products and stand each of them 110%
x, Kristen

Pumpables Breast Pump
The Pumpables Genie Advanced is the perfect option for a portable pump and effective enough to be your primary pump from day one. The feature that stands this part out from other portable pumps is the option to toggle cycles while in let down and stimulation mode. If you are dependent on vibration this pump may not be for you, I would then suggest the SuperGenie as the other Pumpables option.
Wear this pump around your neck or on your hip, click here and use BREASTFRIEND for 10% off your order
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zomee cups
If you want to take your mobility to the next level then I would 
recommend the Zomee Silicone Collection Cups! I've said it before, once you silicone you'll never go back to plastic 
flanges! These cups are closed, which means all components are built into this cup, all you need to do is pop your tubing into the cup port! These cups hold 8 ounces and since they have a silicone flange, they’re great for elastic tissue!
use code Kristen15 for 15% off your set of cups + a complimentary nipple ruler
mom cozy m5
I love my Willow go listed below, so I won't be removing that option. However I think the Momcozy earned her keep in this listing of reccs! At a much affordable price point and all around better shape, the M5 should be considered when looking for a pump to pop in your bra while staying mobile! Remember none of these in your bra pumps or cups should ever be considered primary removal but they are a great fix when on the go and needing to move milk. 
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willow go breast pump
Willow Go
If you’re looking for a pump without tubes attached the Willow Go pump is a perfect choice. When compared to its predecessor the 3.0, the Go rises above with a much quieter motor AND hardly any learning curve. Pair this pump with the Ceres Chill for storage and you will be ready for any day out and about as a breastfeeding mama!
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UPDATE 8/11/23 As you probably have noticed the market is constantly changing, to suggest the pump market is saturated is an understatement. With that stated, I still prefer the Go over the 3.0, this will ALWAYS stand true but I can confidently say the Momcozy M5 has rose to be my top choice for cordless mobile pump!
ceres chill chiller
Ceres Chill
While on the go keeping your precious milk chilled is top priority! When I say the Ceres Chill is up for the challenge, I mean it. I used the Ceres Chill on (what I believe) to be the hottest dang day in Chicago. Click HERE to read more about this blazing hot day and chilled liquid gold! No matter if you’re leaving the day for work or just on the go for a few hours this chiller is versatile and can keep your nerves at ease all day long, click HERE for my Instagram Q&A with founder Lisa Myers! If you’re ready to enhance your day out and about click here for 15% off
nursing queen breastfeeding clothing
Nursing Queen
From tees, tanks to sweaters and casual dresses Nursing Queen has you covered (literally). I lived and currently live in these pieces of clothing. Sign me up for an oversized Nursing Queen sweater with leggings or stripe tee and jacket for the office! Use BEMYBREASTFRIEND10 for 10% off your order if you’re ready to take your wardrobe to the next level
pump stuff breastfeeding accessory pouch
Pump Stuff
Staying organized is a must when out and about, nothing worse than dissecting your pump bag when you're scrambling to find that pump spray or extra duckbills! This Pump Stuff bag is brought to you by, yes you guessed it, yours truly! I offer products that I wish I had when I began pumping and this Pump Stuff bag is as cute and fun as it is useful! Use code OnTheGo Shop bemybreastfriend’s Pump Stuff bag here and receive 20% off
Sarah Wells pumping and breastfeeding bags and travel
Sarah Wells Bags
I would be lying if I said I always thought pump bags were a must. When I began pumping I would be the first to say, “I don't want to spend the money, I’ll just use what I have.” It wasn’t until my first outing with my Madewell leather tote “repurposed” as my pump bag that I realized how wrong I was! If you’re looking for the best pump bags on the market AND the largest selection, look no further. Sarah Wells has you covered with a variety of sizes and compartments. Check out Sarah Wells here and get 15% off!  PS. the Abby is my fave!
mlm breastfeeding and nursing dress
MLM Brand Dress
If you’re looking for a pumping dress you can easily dress up or down with a cute pair of sneakers, the MLM dress is it. I especially loved this dress because I wore it for 90% of my pregnancy and then again once I was pumping in the office again. My job didn’t have a strict dress code so I wore this dress paired with a fresh pair of sneakers and quickly became my MLM uniform! Choose from several colors and designs, use Breastfriends15 for 15% off your order!
boose pumping and nursing dress
Boose Brand
We’ve covered oversized sweaters, tanks and casual dresses. If you’re looking for something more professional or even that perfect LBD (little black dress) for a special night out the Boose dress is an excellent choice. I have worn this dress to the office and to my cousin’s wedding, there's endless possibilities to rock this dress offered by a small women owned business! 
LaVie lactation massing pads
LaVie Lactation Massager Pads
Okay, let's get something out of the way, no I do not believe using these pads are going to magically increase your milk supply. What I will agree to is the fact that these LaVie Massaging Pads help aid the removal of milk AND in turn help stimulate production. While we are out and about moving milk at a faster rate can be helpful and these massager pads might just be the trick for you! I also find these pads relaxing which also allows me to relax while I pump and achieve more let downs in one pump session. LaVie offers several products but the Massaging Pads are by far my favorite, click here for 10% off
Read my massager comparison here!
davin and Adley pumping and nuring cami
Davin&Adley Amelia
Last but absolutely not the least, this pumping and nursing cami has been my go to for all the right reasons. I love to sleep in this bra, nurse in this bra AND pump on the go in this bra. Its design is excellent for in  your bra cup style collection. Davin & Adley have a huge assortment of colors to choose from and extended sizes too! A+ for quality and comfort!

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