Amazon Kitchen Gadgets You Need Right Now!

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These are some of my most-used, must-have amazon favorites. Some are for the kids, some are storage life-savers, and some just make your kitchen extra cute. Check them out, I hope they simplify your #busymomlife
like they have done for me!
Amazon storage items
Nothing like being able to read your seasonings #oldladyproblems
2. Plastic & Foil Organizer $29.98 Handy gadget, get rid of the extra boxes!
3. Adjustable Organizer Shelf $28.79 Exactly how we store all of our kitchen plates! 
4. Under Counter Rack $19.99 Love this for dishwasher pods and dish towels!
Amazon Drinkware
1. Mason Jar with Lid $29.04 #pitchermethod 
2. Color Changing Cups $25.99 These are my favorite kids cups, they do NOT come apart easily!
3. Silicone Straws $11.99 Over the plastic straws, bring in the silicone!
Kids kitchen favorites
1. Toddler Kitchen Helper Stool $199.95 Kids love safely helping at the kitchen counter in this thing!
2. Grape Cutter $11.99 Grapes scare me, this tool puts my nerves at ease!
3. Kids Water Bottle Spouts $11.53 These things are my new faves, they save on wasted water bottles and spills! Diaper bag ready!
amazon kitchen gadgets
1. Flexible Cutting Board $7.99 easy peasy and inexpensive
2. Silicone Sink Guard $15.99 Love this thing, keeps our sink trim clean!
3. Puck Lights $23.99 Husband put these above our kitchen cabinets and adds a new ambiance to the kitchen!
4. Olive Oil Dispensers $25.95 These make cooking that much easier and cleaner
5. Popcorn Microwave $15.99 We ditched the microwave bag popcorn for this! We love it
amazon kitchen gadgets
1. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups $33.99 Been using these for years, the best and more than your typical increments 
2. KitchenAid Hand Mixer $74.99 My mom gifted this hand mixer and its been an obsession ever since
3. Silicone Kitchen Utensils $28.99 Two words, The Bomb
4. Instant Pot $84.39 One of my favorite kitchen gadgets! 

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