Sarah Wells Bags Comparison chit-chat

Sarah Wells Bags Comparison chit-chat

My best pumping tip would be to get organized , especially while out of the house. Mobile pumping or pumping on the go can be a real supply and morale killer. Staying organized and ready to get pumping when the time comes while out and about is huge.

In this video I quickly break down 5 of my favorite Sarah Wells Bags Sarah Wells Bags, Nursing Queen & Ceres Chill

0-1:30 Nursing Queen

1:31-4:00 Kelly Le Floral

4:01-5:41 Norah Latte

5:42-6:54 Lizzy Mosaic

6:55- 7:27 Lizzy Deco

7:36-9:00 Abby Black

9:22 Ceres Chill

9:54 comparison chart of which Sarah Wells Bags fit which breast pumps

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