Ceres Chill X bemybreastfriend on Traveling with Breastmilk and TSA Part 1

While traveling from Miami through Fort Lauderdale, I had a bit of a run-in with TSA. I continuously requested a hand check for all of my 40+ ounces of breastmilk, both frozen and fresh, to avoid X-ray. It wasn't until after multiple TSA agents, only one whom was "on my side", directed the others to properly check my milk. Finally after getting over this obstacle, I was onto my next. I can truly only remember witnessing only one of the two TSA agents change their gloves to handle my milk. The TSA agent that I cannot recall changing their gloves reached into my Sarah Wells Cold Gold Cooler, picked up my Elvie Stride cup while sticking her finger in my flange hole, all while asking "what is this". Not only did I cringe at the sight of her "dirty" finger in my flange hole but I also knew I wouldn't be using this set of cups on the flight home, like I had intended. 

Check out this video as Lisa and I chat about this trip and how I would have done a few things differently.



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