Traveling Cooler Storage

Traveling Cooler Storage

Being a pumping mom on the go isn’t always the easiest to navigate and finding reliable milk storage information can add to the frustration. One thing we can all put faith in is our milk’s ability to fight off bacteria while allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

While on the go or stuck at work without a reliable cooling source can be worrisome. So what do we do when refrigerators aren’t readily accessible? While there are multiple answers to this question; the easiest might be cooler and ice packs!

According to ABM (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine) milk can safely be stored at 15°C or 59°F for up to 24 hours. When this temperature is maintained it is equivalent to a cooler and ice pack.

Diving further into the origin of this study you’ll find milk storage of 4 hours at 25°C or 77°F is also considered safe.

If you find your ice pack has thawed and at a loss of what to do, find a airtight bag and fill with ice! This option will help buy time while refreezing your current ice pack!

Bottom line, don’t stress. If you’re worried about your milk at the end of a traveling day, smell it, taste it! You’ll have a good idea whether or not it’s gone sour.

@sarahwellsbags Cold Gold Cooler is recommended for room temperature storage with provided ice pack for up to 8 hrs ✨

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