How to Fit Your Flange

How to Fit Your Flange

Let’s talk flange size. There are many variables that can play a role in your milk output during a pump session. Many of us will jump at the chance to use supplements or adding oatmeal to our diets (among other things) but did you know flange size can be your largest factor affecting your supply? ⠀⠀
Upon unboxing your breast pump you’ll likely find you have been given two options. In the case of the Spectra pumps either you’re a 24mm or 28mm flange, right? ⠀⠀
NOPE! These are “standard” sizes but guess what not all of us fall within this standard range. These flange sizes “should get your started”, but what if they’re not comfortable. Maybe you’re finding too much areola is being pulled into the flange tunnel. Or your nipple is continuously rubbing against the inside of the tunnel, signifying the flange is too small. ⠀⠀
There are other flange manufactures available to choose from who’s product can range from 15mm to 36mm flanges! These manufactures include but are not limited to: Maymom, Nenesupply, Pumpin Pals, LacTeck. ⠀⠀
Now you might ask, how do I ‘hack’ these other options with the flanges I originally received. Easy, you may not be able to use the original set up packaged with your pump- but with the right pieces you should be able to mix and match what you need to fit your current pump. ⠀⠀
If you’re questioning this- leave a message on this post and I’ll help you figure it out! ⠀⠀
⚡️To recap: ⠀⠀
If you’re finding it’s taking too long to empty, your nipple damage is not subsiding or your nipples are sucking into the distance of the flange tunnel, reevaluate your flanges! ⠀⠀
Pumping should not hurt! ⠀
See video for hands-on measuring directions!⠀
How to measure for your proper flange fit ⠀

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I have moved to silicone flanges but my nipple keeps getting hurt with every session, I have measured 18mm and 21mm should be the right size but 19mm is painless when I’m pumping compared to 21mm hurts while pumping. In both cases/sizes, I am getting hurt, my nipple is red on top with some cuts and also some skin on aereola seems rubbed/stiff because of friction. Please help!

Sushma Dhalwani

I have a similar issue as mom above. I found your blog post about silicone flanges for elastic nipples, I’m thinking that is the root issue and hoping it helps to resolve my low milk supply.


I’m 4weeks pp and have been pumping 8-10tines a day since then with no change in volume. I’m trialing out different flanges to find my correct size. I feel like it doesn’t matter what flange I use my nipples end up rubbing the sides. They don’t stretch to the back but the swell up along the sides. Is this considered elastic nipples? I’m measuring 18mm/19mm prepump sessions and have been using 21mm flanges. I’m going to try out a 19mm to see if that helps.


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