Medications & Breastfeeding

Medications & Breastfeeding

Having to pump and dump your breast milk for any length of time is painful and more times than not, it’s probably not necessary. But how do we know who to trust when given direction to discard our milk? It’s not uncommon to be given incorrect information from your very own provider. Even if you trust their recommendation, it doesn’t hurt to get a second or third opinion. Luckily there are resources easily accessible for us to do our own homework!⠀

These resources are not limited to breastfeeding parents, pregnant people can also benefit from their services. ⠀

⛑ ⠀
The InfantRisk Center (IRC) is a world-wide call center presently in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. ⠀

⛑MommyMeds App⠀
Scan the barcodes of thousands of medications and receive immediate, easy to understand information on drug safety and ingredients.⠀
MommyMeds app is developed by IRC, this app cost an initial cost of $3.99⠀

The LactMed® database contains information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. ⠀

⭐️ Free ‘Infant Risk common meds while breastfeeding’ download located in @bemybreastfriend bio⠀

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