Zomee Fit Review

Zomee Fit Review

Zomee Fit breast pump review

Current review below and infograph above is based off the previous model. In 2024 Zomee released an updated version which satisfied my concerns. I am eagerly wanting to use the new Fit pumps, as I did respond super well to the original version. I love that Zomee listened to their community and made changes AND brought in a nipple everter for those who have flat or inverted nipples. I am confident that with these corrections, I'll be back on team Zomee Fit! Stay tuned for a full review on the current pumps offered! (edited to add 5/30/24)

Revisions made to the new pump:

Senor and options for automatic turn off at multiple volume levels

Seal has been corrected, no more leaking

Added mode to help correct flat or inverted nipples



(original review of previous version)

I really wanted to love these pumps, I had high expectations after discovering their silicone flanges. Truth be told, I’m pretty disappointed. I can’t sit back and pretend to love something I’m having trouble using, it wouldn’t be fair. So let me break down what I’ve discovered over the last few weeks of using this pump.


Let’s start on a positive note, this pump does pack some power. Regardless of how the overall experience of this pump is, I am happy with the suction power. I respond to this pump well, so that’s not a concern. I am able to have multiple let downs with the expression mode, I don’t find either the massage or two-phase modes super effective. Traditionally speaking neither mode has ever been my thing BUT Zomee switched up the rhythm patterns and I do find them way more comfortable than the Z2 (Zomee 2) pump!

Unfortunately until other issues are resolved the sucess I’ve found with the suction of the pump is irrelevant until we get an improved version. Now the part of reviews I hate; my dislikes and complaints.


As said earlier I respond really well to this pump, sounds great until you’re overflowing your pump cups. Why would this be? There isn’t a sensor to trigger the pump off. This means unless you’re eyeballing your cups, there’s no stopping the pump from over flowing if you reach the 5 ounce capacity. If you're not concerned about the 5 ounce capacity or coming close to meeting it then the lack of sensors may not be a concern for you. The Zomee Fit collection cups do not leave any room for an extra drop beyond five ounces. I do not always pump more than 5 ounces a breast but sometimes I am not sure what to expect and because most of my sessions are a toss up and I cannot afford to take any chance.


The pair of pumps I had used and tested had an issue with the seal which caused it to leak. I’m happy to report that Zomee has insisted this issue has since been corrected. If you’re having an issue with the seal causing your milk to leak reach out to @zomee for a replacement cup kit. Unfortunately regardless of the fix I still have a difficult time pouring these cups. Due to the open mouth and low profile it does concern me when it’s time to pour. I’m sure with practice you will become better and more confident when the time comes to empty a full cup but I have definitely lost a bit of milk.


The Zomee Fit comes with something additional that other pump manufactures charge extra for, inserts. This is awesome and I highly respect this, unfortunately the inserts provided don’t work well with their pumps. The inserts have an extra molded ridge in the tunnel of the insert itself. It’s this extra detail in the molding of the insert that restricts the insert from sitting flush in the silicone flange of the Zomee Fit pumps. If you’re still looking to reduce your flanges down this can still be achieved with a generic flange insert offered on Amazon.


Now possibly the most noticeable; the volume. This pump will work in a crowded restaurant but certainly not in an office space. I had heard it wasn’t quiet but given a new pump on the market I was surprised by how loud it actually is. I find myself triggered by the volume of the pump, it’s so loud I feel temped to turn it off just to make it end.


We started on a positive note so let’s end on one too. I do love the ease of assembly. Since the flange, connector and bottle can be assembled as one and popped right into the motor, it can also be popped right out and stored while practicing the “fridge hack” (don’t come at me, if it’s not for you-don’t do it) I have done this multiple times and it worked perfectly.


As a whole, I’m pretty upset. I had high hopes and sadly, I felt let down. I look forward to seeing that new modifications are made to this pump to bring it to the level I had hoped it was already at.



UPDATE 3/12/24

There has been updates to the Zomee Fit which satisfy my complaints listed above. Super excited to give these updated pumps a chance once I am pumping again in June!

Zomee Fit UPDATE
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