Willow Go vs Willow 3.0

Willow Go vs Willow 3.0

Willow Go vs Willow 3.0 comparison

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This should be an easy comparison, considering neither pump are very similar. Even though they’re manufactured by the same company they are very different, apples to oranges and I absolutely have a preference. I may sound like a broken record when I share this next statement; I don’t have to like the company to like a product they offer. This very much holds true with the company Willow, I’m here to deliver honest reviews and that’s what I’m about to do.


Willow 3.0 vs Willow 3.0


Let’s start with the obvious and work my way to the mechanics of each pump. The Willow 3.0 is the Woolly Mommoth of pumps, it’s one of the first mobiles on the market AND it’s huge. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this pump has got to go. Considering all the other mobile options on the market it’s hard to believe this pump is still around. Considering the Willow is typically an upgrade for many insurance providers, I’d have to guess it’s possibly the only time orders are actually placed for these whoopers. Unlike the honkin 3.0 pumps, the Go was designed far better than its sibling. The 5 ounce capacity fits well under the bra and shirt. You’re not getting the same Dolly Parton breasts as you’re used to carrying around with you like when using the 3.0, far more slim and light weight. I have to admit the 7 ounce cups that can interchange with the 5 ounce naturally are larger, more volume more boob. However and a big however, the Willow 3.0 only holds 4 ounces and takes up a ton real estate in your bra. If you were to rock the Willow Go pumps with larger collection cups, at least you’ve increased the capacity to 7 ounces in return for all that extra boob you just committed to. If based on size alone the Willow Go wins without any struggle.


Willow 3.0 vs Willow Go


Stemming off our first comparison of size, let’s chat containers and capacity. This one is likely the deal breaker for many when comparing the two but is this really a deal breaker.. let’s see. The Willow 3.0 is the only true leak proof breast pump on the market when used with the one time use, disposable storage bag. Unless you have a serious need for this option and a ton of extra money to waste on bags, read my 3.0 review HERE to see exactly how much money you’ll waste, I cannot justify this purchase. These bags are a one time use, please don’t use the “finger nail” hack. These bags can be a pain to use and I know it’s not super common but one of my batches were all bad and needed to be replaced. There’s just too much at risk when using these bags, between defect, air bound and waste- they’re just not worth it. Yea yea, don’t harp on me, I know you can order the reusable containers. But have you ever used the reusable containers? I agree they’re a better option to reduce waste but they’re a total pain in the butt to clean.. and dry. Some might say I’m being petty for my thoughts on the reusable container when all Willow is trying to do is make it eco friendly for us green thumbs.. but did you know these reusable containers are intended to be replaced every 3 months. So before you get angry with me, consider that. Not only have you tripled your cup size but you’ve also invested in a money pit, that can only hold 4 ounces in each pump. Thats all I’m sayin. Oh and the reusable containers are not leak proof. Thankfully they came out with the Willow Go. The collection option(s), yes plural, are far more reasonable than the measly 4 ounces the 3.0 limits you. The Go’s are sold with 5 ounce containers, I highly respect this. If you’re an over producer and need a little more room, they offer 7 ounce containers, again, can’t disrespect that- I’m glad it’s an option. These containers are super easy to use and assemble, hard to screw up. When comparing the Go to the 3.0 the main difference with collection that I’m sure Willow uses as a “this or that” is being leak proof or not. The Go pumps are not leak proof and cannot become leak proof- please don’t plug the pour spout on the cup. Given what a pain the 3.0 can be, even if they can be 100% leak proof I would still choose the Go any day of the week- I love the ease of use and ability to switch capacity needs.


Willow Go vs Willow Go


Okay let’s chat mechanics. One of these pumps absolutely has an advantage over the other. You guessed it, the Go is 10x easier to use, it’s quieter and doesn’t need a manual to troubleshoot every color of the rainbow when trying to get it to work. Before I recently weaned (2023) I pulled the 3.0 out for a little hoorah- oh god they were so difficult to use. I’m glad I pulled them out like I had because it was a reminder how temperamental these pumps really are. If you read my Go review you’ll see I didn’t expect to like these pumps based off my feelings of the 3.0. But sometimes I’m surprised and this was a real example of just that. I actually loved the Go’s, they’re far more straight forward to use, no spectrum of error lights to decipher and far more comfortable to wear. The 3.0 has a clicking noise, completely apart of the design and necessary for operation but it just sounds super mechanical. The Go is far less noisy, no mechanical clicking and relatively quiet. As for suction comfort, you guessed it! The Go’s take the cake for me once again. Gauging your flange size with the Willow 3.0 can be a real struggle and with struggle comes discomfort and sometimes damage. Once again the 3.0 flange size has to be pretty spot on to work effectively for you, while the Go can be a lot easier to assess and size- very similar to what you’re already familiar with using.


This comparison may have been an easy one but it was long. Clearly I have a lot to say and I hope it helped answer any of your questions or compete your thoughts. As always please let me know what you’re thinking or if you’d like to add or argue anything above. Always open to chatting!

Willow Go Review 

Willow 3.0 Review

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