Unimom Opera+ vs Spectra SG Comparison

Unimom Opera+ vs Spectra SG Comparison

Unimom Opera vs Spectra Synergy Gold breast pump review
This comparison isn’t about which pump is better, it’s about which one best fits your needs. I’d be lying if I said one was more effective than the other, I really believe they’re both excellent pumps. At the end of the day, I do have a preference and I’m going to spill the beans below.

The overall functionality goes to Uniomom Opera+. While both pumps have dual motors and many options, the LCD screen built into the Opera+ is a clear winner for me. Having an easy to use touch screen helps me navigate which mode, cycle speed, suction strength and suction pattern really helps keep me informed where my session is at all times. The Synergy Gold’s operations are based more off symbols and bars, which is fine until you get a taste of the Opera+. When I add the SG back into my pump rotation I always find myself tapping the wrong buttons, it’s not hard to use but I wouldn’t call it the most user friendly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, I’m not the biggest fan of built in vibration and Spectra’s SG has just that. I did admit in my SG review that I found myself starting to like the vibration of the SG, but when compared to the straight pull of the Opera+, it’s no question; Opera+ has it beat. I just find the built in vibration to be triggering and not in the best ways. The most accurate way to describe this vibration feeling is a traditional pull of the pump followed with this vibrating tickle on your nipples. I understand the vibration serves a purpose but it falls short for my needs.

The size is a no brainer, the Spectra SG might as well be a child’s bowling ball. Let’s not forget that it needs to be plugged in to work; no, an external battery does not solve the size or lack of portability of this pump. The Opera+ is a fraction of the size AND rechargeable, making this pump 100% portable and easy to carry.

If you find yourself with the option to choose between either of these pumps I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either way. However, given the option I think the few simple comparisons listed above prove which pump I’d recommend.
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