Spectra Synergy Gold Review

Spectra Synergy Gold Review

Spectra Synergy Gold breast pump review

Once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah DJ. Seriously though, there’s so many buttons/options I felt like I was trying to spin at the club the first time I used this pump. True story, first time using this pump was kind of a doozy.

110% love that there are independent motors. I personally have never felt the need for dual pumps, but it makes total sense. Nipple damage, difference in nipple sensitivity, parallel pumping, single pumping; there are so many uses for this technology.

If there’s anything you know about me and my preference for pumps it’s that built in vibration is not my thing. There is something about the vibration and “tickling” of my nipples that makes me want to throw my pump across the room. The SG has a more intense vibration than the S1, so if vibration is your thing- I think you’d love the SG. As much as I hated this “buzzz buzzzz buzzzz” feel on my chest, I will admit that the SG moved more milk, and faster, than the S1. So for what it’s worth; vibration I hate you but you must serve some purpose because you went to work real quick 👏🏼👏🏼

The SG is stronger than the S1 but oddly with more strength I felt came more comfort. I felt in addition to the added strength came a lightly longer pull, not like pull your nipples of your breast pull, but juuusstt enough to remove that much more milk with every suction cycle. There's something about the added strength that offsets the vibration, for someone like me whom dislikes vibration, this pump is a good choice. Ultimately I am not a fan of any Spectra products, but if I had to choose I would hands down pick the SG. They’re about neck and neck but the SG is just a step above and adding the dual motors it’s got a real advantage.

An obvious disadvantage to this pump is its size, its larger than the S1 for gods sake! Don't blame it on the dual motors, there's one other dual motor pump I own and its half the size!

The largest disadvantage to this pump is the need to be plugged into the wall to power on. It’s 2022, we don’t plug into walls any longer, give us all the batteries.
Which they did…

So shortly after releasing this SG they released the portable version. Kind of a 💩 move if you ask me. I ordered the SG through my insurance but I would have 100% gone portable if possible. Why not release at the same time, I get it, competition or awaiting approval? Don’t play us Spectra, not cool. I cannot speak to the similarities or differences because I do not have the portable version, but maybe one day.

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The portable version is a bit different because you cannot change cycle, it only has buttons for suction strength and a button for massage mode / suction mode. I love my portable version but I’m curious if having the cycle buttons makes a big difference.


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