Pumpables Genie Advanced vs BabyBuddha Comparison

Pumpables Genie Advanced vs BabyBuddha Comparison

Pumpables Genie vs Baby Buddha breast pump review

Let’s cut to the chase.

BabyBuddha 💪🏼
🥓mode (expression) 10 pulls then one long pull on the 11th suction. I’d say this long pull feature is BB signature move. It’s not common to find these long drawn out suction pull among pumps, simply because it’s not natural. However, for 29 months of using this pump, I loved this feature.
💧 mode, consistent repeated pulls. This mode is to stimulate a let down but not aggressively remove milk. The BB has zero built in vibration. If this is something you require this pump either a. may not be a good pick for you or b. You’ll need to add in an outside vibration source. The BB only offers two modes and multiples levels of suction strength, there are no cycles to toggle between. When I used the BB I pumped comfortably on L2 🥓 mode.

Pumpables 💪🏼
Like the BB there are two modes, unlike the BB, there are cycles to toggle between while in the expression mode. Regardless which mode I’m in, I remain comfortable and feel completely in control of the strength and suction pattern of this pump. The stimulation mode is quick and comfortable to trigger a let down, then once milk start flowing jump over to the expression mode. Here I feel most in control all because I can ⬆️or⬇️ the cycles. When manipulating this option I can essentially recreate that “long pull” all while keeping my suction strength at a comfortable level. Keep in mind, the higher the suction the longer the suction pull. There’s no surprise when the long pull is about to hit, this pump’s functionality is consistent. I know some may argue this, but I really don’t feel there’s built in vibration. If there’s any “vibration”, it’s in the comfort of the suction. I use this pump on L4/expression.

📏Size- I have to give it to BB on this one. No matter which way you spin it the PP is still larger than the BB. But both are easy enough to wear, the PP comes ready to clip to your clothing or in my case, my bra. To wear the BB you’ll need to purchase an accessory clip (I have one in my Amazon store). Or you can wear either of these pumps around your neck with the provided lanyards.


So which is my favorite? Check it out here

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