Pumpables Genie Advanced

Pumpables Genie Advanced

Pumpables Genie Advanced Breast pump review

I wasn’t going into this with low expectations but let me say, wow. So wow that I replaced my previous primary pump of 29 months with the Genie Advanced! This pump offers the same suction pattern I prefer and mobility I can’t live (pump) without.

Let’s break it down

Suction strength 💪🏼
Yea, there's some ass behind this little pump. But not in a way that’s painful, unless of course you were cranking the suction beyond your comfort. This pump offers a strong suction with a slight pull minus the aggressive tug. Level 4 out of 10 is plenty for me. Keep in mind the higher the suction, the longer the draw of the pump- difference here, you can adjust the cycle speed to make the pull longer or ‘shorter’ at any expression strength.

Letdown ➡️ expression modes
The modes are noticeably different. I’m not one to toggle with modes while I pump but I always start in the letdown mode and once triggered (45 seconds max) I jump over to expression and ride it out until the end 👌🏻

Options ⚖️
For the size and price of this pump it offers a lot!
Letdown mode: 10 levels of strength
Expression mode: 10 levels of strength & 3 cycle levels.
In my experience with smaller mobile pumps, suction is all or nothing. Rarely do you see the option to play with cycles, but this little guy has it all. If you require a wider range of options, without needing a hospitial grade pump, the GA is an excellent choice.

Size 📐
I would love to see this pump shrunken down a smidge but ultimately is completely wearable and concealable. Plus, it comes ready to clip to your clothes so no extra purchase needed!

Programmable 💻
This pump also offers a program feature. If you require jumping back and forth between modes while pumping this program option is for you! You are able to recorded your session and use it indefinitely until deleted. No need to play with buttons and levels once recorded 👏🏼👏🏼

Purchasing options 💸
I think it’s really cool that they offer the pump alone or as a set with your flanges. Pumpables Genie advanced is a super easy pump to hack so if you are already married to a set of flanges all you need is the pump; no additional money spent or wasted.


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IS THERE A HACK TO USE A TUBE SPLITTER WITH PGA Flanges or any wearable cup?

meghan penner

Which wearable inserts cups do you like the most with this one?


It would be so helpful to have a tip sheet on what settings to start out with if at all possible when coming from a spectra


Would you say this could be used a a primary for someone who is using a spectra as a primary? I need an option that is more on the go while my husband is gone at work and I watch a second child in our home.

Whitney Reynolds

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