My Top 4 Pumping Picks

My Top 4 Pumping Picks

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If you’ve noticed I’m not very quick to turn around any review. This is because I believe reviews take time and since I'm still breastfeeding (breastfeeding round #3 June '22- 'Oct '23) - I'm hard at work putting products to the test! I’m using these products regularly and it takes me some time to get a good feel for what I'm using. I appreciate the trust you put into bemybreastfriend and recommendations I share here, that said, I want to make sure I’m always delivering the most accurate and honest information possible.


A little history about me and how I came to list these next 4 products as my favorites.

First time pumping, 5yr ago

I have been pumping for 5 years, not straight due to pregnancies but I have (exclusively and combo) pumped for a total of 46 months,🤯 that even makes me go wow. In this time I have used countless pumps and cups, making this list that much more special. I always say, I know which products I like most when I reach for them without thinking. I let my subconscious take the wheel on this one. This may sound silly but it’s true, it really is a sure way to tell which products I prefer. I definitely have grown to like specific arrangements over others and my daily use reinforces this regularly.


So here are my top choices to fulfill different life style needs!

 Unimom opera

Number 1. Hosptial grade, all in one, knock out of a pump.

The Unimom Opera+

This pump is basically the Queen of Pumps. She is beauty and grace, she’s Miss United States (🤣sorry I had to). This pump has become my top two for primary milk removal. I use this pump every morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep. It is rechargeable, although I wouldn’t recommend it for mobile, it still beats the hell out of be anchored to an outlet. This pump is easily hackable and possibly the most comfortable and effective suction I have used. This pump carries a steep price tag so I would absolutely recommend getting this pump covered by insurance if possible. Be sure to read the review to learn of all the bells and whistles, I promise it has plenty to offer. Check out the review HERE

What's my ideal recommendation for this pump? First and foremost, if your insurance offers this pump as a covered pump or slight upgrade, snag it before they sell out. This pump is truly a secret treasure, from the endless settings, comfortable suction, this pump would be most ideal for any moms' first pump starting out. Bring it with to the hospital for your delivery, whether you plan on using it or not. 

Price: $599.99 use bemybreastfriendopera50 for 50% off 

Final thought: The Unimom Opera+ should replace EVERY Medela Symphony in EVERY hospital. Out with the old, in with the new, yes I am that confident in this pump. 

"Hi! Alright I have used the Opera multiple times now and I REALLY like it. That is a STRONG pump compared to the Pumpables (I still do love the Pumpables especially for mobility though). It definitely took me a couple of times to find the right settings (still might not have the perfect settings). I definitely think it "emptied" me quicker. Probably only needed to pump 25 minutes max.  It isn't that bad to move around with either, its pretty light! I'm glad I took your recommendation and got that pump through insurance especially since it was only a $100 upgrade fee"

Pumpables Genie Advanced

Number 2. Mobile, effective and hackable.

The Pumpables Genie Advanced

This pump went with me to the hospital 12 months ago and can still be found on my counter top to this day. The PGA is gentle enough to be used from day one but also effective enough to bring in a milk supply and maintain it. This pump is simple to use, easy to hack and small enough to toss in a smaller pump bag and head out for the day. There’s a reason why I switched gears with baby number 4, I used to be a die hard user of another pump until I had the opportunity to use the PGA- the rest is history. Check out the review HERE

What's my ideal recommendation for this pump?  I think the Pumpables Genie Advanced is a great option for someone who is looking for an effective small pump that can be used with truly any flange/cup arrangement. This pump can be your primary and secondary, best of both worlds. 

Price: $180.00 use BREASTFRIEND for 10% off less money if you only order the breast pump and HACK with other flange options.

Final thought: Milk should be expressed at a comfortable level, shouldn't make your toes curl and shouldn't have a break in period. This pump is a hit right out of the gate, there's a reason why I left my old pump for the Pumpables Genie Advanced. 

 Zomee collection cups

Number 3. Collection cups for on the go, minus the built in motor.

The Zomee Silicone Collection Cups

If you know anything about me, I love silicone. I love silicone as much as Dr. Evil loves gold. I love the feel of it, the smell of it, the taste of it.. just kidding about the last two but the feel of silicone flanges is second to none. I have elastic tissue and find that silicone makes everything better. These silicone cups are an 8 ounce capacity, which for some may be a little more than they may need. But I find they always sit on the breast comfortably, they’re easy to pour and require no adapter when used with an outside motor. My ideal pairing is the Pumpables Genie Advanced with these Zomee Cups, pumps ➡️ tube ➡️ into cups! That’s all you gotta do. Cup comparison to come!

What's my ideal recommendation for these cups? You will never read or hear me suggest any cup or in your bra pump as a primary option. If you're looking for added freedom, one or two sessions a day while grocery shopping, taking a walk or going out for a bite to eat- these cups can keep you on your feet. I always recommend to start with finding your most effective means of removal, then as you find your way in your pumping journey start bringing in those extra fun pumps and cups! These additional purchases should be considered your bonus tools of the trade. These are never to be relied on, but can still make all the difference for some!

Price: $79.99 currently on sale for $59.99 + 15% off with code Kristen15 

Final thought: I don't care what you put in your bra, its never going to make your bust look smaller or the same. So if you're going to use cups do it with a scarf wrapped over your neck or a blazer jacket covering you up. If you want to get that one extra session in a day to demand that extra bit of milk- this is the answer. Slap these cups in the bra, read a book, go for a walk, this is a sure way to keep your busy schedule and squeeze that extra session in. 


Momcozy M5

Number 4. Mobile pump but make it motorized.

The Momcozy M5

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with these pumps. I reach for them pretty often and find I’ve been using them almost everyday- one session per day. Never will I ever be caught suggesting mobiles of any sort should be used as a primary removal. But let’s be honest, any removal is better than no removal. That’s why I love having mobile options. The M5 takes the tubes out of the equation and leaves you with a fully round set of cups that add minimal boob, to your boobs. Be sure to read the review, it’s another good one- I promise. Check out the review HERE

What's my ideal recommendation for these cups? Similarly to the cups above these mobile pumps are going to be an additional purchase to your already reliable and effective set up. Pumps like the M5 take it a step above for a little more money, so ultimately I would consider what you're working with, what your goals are and which arrangement fits your needs best. If you already have the Pumpables Genie Advanced, not looking to spend a lot of extra money but want to get another session in while taking the kids for a walk then the Zomee Cups might be a better fit for you. However if you're thinking you want something a little more discreet, no tubes, quick and easy to pop in and out of the bra while traveling or at work- then the M5 might be more your speed. 

Price: $199.99

Final thought: If you want to go cordless without the loud thud of the motor or constant trouble shooting of an erroring alignment or some other annoyance- the M5 is a really great fit. You will read in the review that the flange of the 24mm flange fits like a 24mm flange should. The other Momcozy models seem to have an oversized flange. I honestly believe any of the Momcozy pumps are a good fit but I do believe the M5 is the best choice simply based on the size and shape. No 90° angles, no bright lights, its just all around a great option for a fair price. 

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You know what always makes me feel funny, affiliate marketing. I am proud to say I have never once taken a dollar in exchange for a review and only promote what I genuinely love and use. I incorporate all 4 of these products into my routine daily, currently one year postpartum and still pumping 5 times a day- they all get a lot of use!

Discount codes and links shared above may generate commission at no expense to you. Again, always sharing what I love and love what I share- thank you for your support and your trust. Don't forget to read the related reviews linked above!

Looking for the best pumping and nursing bra to hold your cups and flanges in place, the Amelia Pumping and Nursing Cami has been my go to for the last few years. I love it so much that Amanda (D&A founder) and I collaborated on this limited color 🌻Sunflower!  Watch the Amelia 2.0 review HERE
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PSS I wear a size Large, I am about a 36DD, but D&A offer a very sophiticated interactive sizing guide to help you find your best fit!

 Amelia Cami by Davin&Adley


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Hey, have you tried the unimom opera with the zomee cups? I want to use the opera as my primary/big morning pump, but I honestly hate the traditional flanges. Even if I’m sitting in bed for my first pump of the day, I would rather just put a cup in my bra. So I wonder if combined those two would be a good idea


Same question about the Zomee cups. Can these not be used if you use a flange size smaller than 24mm?


Question about the Zomee cups: the flange only comes in 24-28mm. What if I use a 19mm or 21mm flange? How do I size down using an insert? Do you have a recommendation for insert with these cups?


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