MomMed vs Momcozy M5

MomMed vs Momcozy M5

MomMed vs Momcozy m5

This should be pretty short and sweet. I don’t feel that there is a ton to compare, but enough to help you make the best choice for your needs. 


I have really grown to love my Momcozy M5, read review here. I’m vocal how it is my preferred Momcozy M5 over the other Momcozy pumps strictly due to the body of this pump. The shallow profile of this pump and completely round design is top notch. For size reference I’m a 36DD and I genuinely don’t feel that they add that much extra to my breast. My husband has commented that I look as if I have mechanical boobs, but I really don’t think it’s as noticeable when compared to other designs. When comparing the M5 to the MomMed in size and shape. It’s truly a very close comparison. If you’re looking for shape, either of these would do. I will admit the MomMed does sit a *little* more shallow in the bra, but not by much.


MomMed vs Momcozy visual


But let’s talk feel. The feel and strength of a pump is what really matter, right? Neither of these pumps have a sophisticated suction pattern or feel. So we are basically neck and neck.. kind of. However I have found the MomMed to be a bit more aggressive. The first time I used the MomMed I had to turn it off, I found it to be *pinchy*. Since using them more regularly for this comparison I don’t find them as uncomfortable like I first experienced. After wearing them side by side and using in expression mode (my preferred mode), I find the MomMed has faster suctions when compared to the M5. The M5 seems to pull for one extra count, for me this makes a big difference. I don’t find the length of the suction pattern as effective as the Momcozy. Due to the short suction patterns I am not able to respond as well as I am to the M5. I also think due to this *faster* suction pull is why I originally thought the MomMed was pinchy.


Assembly isn’t a deal breaker but it does help when it’s quick and easy. I prefer the assembly of the Momcozy. The MC duckbill goes onto the flange, that inserts right into the body of the cup. The duckbill on the MM inserts into the cup housing, it’s a male end and in a tight spot. The MM assembly certainly isn’t impossible but sticking my fingers into the cups to insert the duckbill is kind of annoying and wakens the germaphobe in me. Personal preference on this one for sure.


Volume, not a big difference but there is a difference so I should share this. The MomMed is built to hold 6 ounces. The Momcozy M5 holds 5 ounces + 10 mls, for reference theres 30 mls in 1 ounce.

 mommed vs momcozy volume

Before we get to the financial part let’s quickly talk about something super simple but can be important to you. The Momcozy M5 does not stand up straight, I shared this in the original review. The MomMed does. I’ve spoken with Lynnn(@breasties4life) on this matter, another exclusive pumper and she prefers this feature .. leading me to remember that this detail can be important to many. The MomMed also has a timer whereas the M5 does not.. I guess there are a lot of differences!

 standing vs not standing

Overall price comparison. The Momcozy is definitely more money, no arguing this, but let’s about what you’re getting.


The MomMed is simple, open the box and boom- done. Two pumps, 27mm flanges, some replacement parts, brushes and chargers. My biggest beef with this is the fact they only come with 27mm flanges. Thanks to one of you helpful moms out there it was suggested to order 24mm flanges compatible with the MomMed pumps.. at $9.99 per flange!  So this all said yea these pumps are $119.99 to begin but you’ll likely be spending more money on inserts or flanges to get them to your needed flange size.


The Momcozy M5 is a bit more involved. First of all the pumps come with their own traveling case, as I said before, I don’t necessarily need this case because I like pump bags but it’s a nice touch. THEN you open up this shell casing and boom- it’s like Christmas Day. This pump comes with basically everything you need: 24mm flanges, 27mm flanges, 21,19 & 17mm inserts, replacement parts, bra extenders and the pumps come with protective caps to keep the flanges clean.  Yes this pump is $199.99 retail but you’ll always be able to find a discount code and if you’re unsure about flange size, this pump will benefit you right out of the packaging.


This comparison has given me the giggles because I have been vocal about the M5 being my preferred pump. Oddly enough when compared to the MomMed, the MomMed does appear to have a few more perks. Ultimately I still prefer the M5 for three reasons.

  1. The suction, it just works best for me. I like the slightly longer pulls
  2. I like that the pumps come with everything you may need while navigating flange size
  3. I love the travel/storage caps that are placed over the flanges in between sessions

Well this turned out longer than I had intended 🙈

Interested in either of these pumps?


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Momcozy M5

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pump comparison

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Please let me know what you think? Disagree, agree, I want to read it all!

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I’m wanting the m5 but I keep seeing SO MANY reviews that the motor stops working or at least loses a ton of suction after 1-3 months and they have to keep replacing the motor!? Have you had this issue over time?

Mariah St. Jeor

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