Momcozy S9 Review

Momcozy S9 Review

Momcozy S9

Let’s start with the obvious, the size and shape. If you’re familiar with other collection cups and how they fit in your bra, this MomCozy isn’t much different. The one thing that sets this collection cup set apart from the others are the motors that pop into the top of the cup. At first glance they look bulky and awkward, but I’ll admit they sit under your bra more comfortably than you might expect. I’ve found they hide well enough under an over sided sweater. But let’s be real, at the end of the day no matter what extra components you put in your bra- your boobs will likely look conspicuous. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
The best way to compare the MomCozy suction is to the BabyBuddha pump. It’s a straight pull, no fluff. There’s no vibrations, the stimulation to expression mode seem to be so similar that I can barley tell the difference. If you depend on the stimulation mode and prefer vibration- this pump won’t do you many favors. But if you find you respond to basic suction- this pump is strong enough to move milk.⠀⠀⠀⠀
There’s no denying the flange holes are oversized. The 24mm flange measures 24.5mm, it doesn’t seem like much but I was able to tell the difference the first time I used them. Adding inserts to these cups is effortless and makes all the difference. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
My overall experience was surprisingly pleasant. You might think for the price tag and when compared to other popular in your bra motorized pumps these would fall flat. Truth be told I find myself reaching for these pumps when choosing between the big name pumps. These are way easier for me to use, I respond best to this style suction and using these cups with the fridge hack couldn’t be easier. After my session I pop off the motors and place the cups right in the fridge.⠀⠀⠀⠀
Is it worth it? I think it’s sure as hell worth spending $125 for a set of pumps over the big brand. I like to weigh my options- I’d rather take a chance on a less expensive option that has potential and requires less trouble shooting. Not to mention, most times this style pump is used as secondary to your main pump. Anytime you buy a pump you’re taking a chance, don’t allow it to make you go broke.


UPDATE May 2024

With so many new variations of Momcozy breastpumps becoming available, I still believe this pump is a fair basic option for those who are looking for a mobile pump and not looking to go broke doing it. With the newer pumping coming to the market this pump is becoming less and less money while still providing the same effective suction. Never will I ever suggest any mobile as a primary pump but would suggest this pump as a good option for those looking to bring in an inexpensive mobile pumping option. 

Somthing I noticed that I didn't add to the previous review was the fact that fridge hacking these (or any of the Momcozy pumps) is super easy. I tread lightly with the fridge hack because I know it is not for everyone. As someone who uses the fridge hack in my daily pumping lifestyle, this was extra helpful to have in my back pocket. Motors off the cups and cups right into the fridge, easy peasy. 



Momcozy S9 Pro on Amazon, use code SELFCARES9P for an extra 10% off sale. You can get this set of pumps for as low as $86 

For reference the new S9 Pro does come with flange reducers. 

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