Momcozy M5 vs Willow Go Comparison

Momcozy M5 vs Willow Go Comparison

Momcozy M5 vs Willow Go breast pump comparison

Oy vey, this should be good. I feel like I’m pitting two of my top preferred mobile pumps choices against each other, an internal battle unfolding in blog form.


It’s true, I really like both of these options you can read the Willow Go review HERE and the Momcozy M5 review HERE. Both honest, never sponsored.


I was not a fan of the Willow 3.0, I was able to make it work but it wasn’t my leading mobile option so when the Go came out, I didn’t have high hopes. As it turned out the Go really exceeded my expectations. I felt and still think the body of the Go pump is way more flattering in your bra when compared to the 3.0 but now comparing it to the Momcozy M5, well things just got interesting again. The M5 is designed to only hold 5 ounces whereas the Go can hold either 5 or 7 ounces, depending on the container. When comparing the 5 ounce options for both pumps, the Momcozy is a clear winner; the M5 more round than it is long. The M5 does not sit upright on any flat surface, while the Willow Go does, these designs makes alllll the difference in the shape of both pumps. The Willow Go has a flat base, making the pumps “longer” to accommodate its upright position. The Momcozy M5 is completely round, this design is good and bad. Due to this design being rounded it sits more naturally in your bra but because it’s round, it doesn’t have the ability to sit upright. When the motor is left attached after a session and the milk in the cup the weights counterbalance the cup and keeps it from teetering and pouring, if the cup is empty the motor anchors the whole cup downward. If you remove the motor and only leave the milk in the cup, it will lay face down steady enough not to spill. The only downside to this design is that sometimes I’ve found myself grabbing the wrong end to pour (when left assembled) and losing a little milk.. totally user error and kind of dumb :/


So far we know I’m team Momcozy M5 for design, it just fits and looks better in the bra. Now let’s talk over flowing or sloshing out of either cups.


Neither the Willow Go or Momcozy M5 are sophisticated pumps that can detect when a cup is full and about to overflow. They’re both a lose lose for that, however when it comes to leaking due to heighten activity the Momcozy M5 wins. The Willow Go has basically a splash gaurd behind the pour spout. The best way to describe this barrier is when you’re entering a public bathroom with two entrances from the same door, you can go left or right but you’ll end up on the back side of that barrier that breaks up the bathroom from the door. It’s not a solid design, it’s just there to keep milk from having a direct exit out. So if you’re actively moving around your milk can still easily slosh out from behind the right or left side of this molded barrier. The Momcozy M5 is better in my opinion because due to the design how the motor sets into the seat of the cup helps isolate the general volume of milk from the top half of the cup. Don’t get me wrong you can still get a little leaky leaky if you’re bending over but it does alleviate excess sloshing.


willow go vs M5

willow go vs M5


Notable difference but not necessarily a deal breaker. The Fridge Hack. I have had a very love hate relationship with the Willow Go containers and the fridge hack. I find the duckbills are far more prone to sliding off the back housing plate of the Go containers, really only the 5 ounce containers give me trouble- I don’t know why. But regardless it’s a real pain in the ass. The only way to overcome this is upon discovery based off of the lack of suction (due to the duckbills sliding off) you must completely disassemble, paper towel dry and reassemble. I’ll admit this is NOT convenient especially if you are out and about with dirty hands. But when the fridge hack works, it works real well- I just hate that it’s such a toss up. 


The Momcozy M5 is bullet proof. Fridge hack, smidge hack- works every time and so easy. I love using ANY of the Momcozy pumps with the fridge hack, regardless of the pump- the motor comes right off and you can toss any cup into the fridge. Never once have I had any complication with the duckbill or silicone diaphragm staying put in and out of the fridge.


After all of these comparisons the Momcozy M5 is still in the lead, but here’s where it may change for a few of you. Let’s wrap it up with suction power and feel between both pumps! This, after all, is super important and can very well be a deal breaker if you find you have sensitivities to suction strength.


Soooo all of the Momcozy pumps, not singling any of them out specifically, have the same generic straight ‘let’s get it done’ pull. In other words, it’s not fancy, it’s not special and it may not be doing you any direct favors. The Willow Go suctions sensation is a bit more sophisticated. By more sophisticated I mean, it’s more delegate on the nips all while achieving a very similar outcome. So if you require more gentle suction patterns then the Go may be more ideal. However if you can tolerate the Baby Buddha, Zomee Z2 or Zomee Fit - then you should have no real issues with any of the Momcozy pumps. If you feel you prefer the soft touch of the Spectra pumps, Motif Luna or even Elvie Stride then the Willow Go may be more your speed. I will add that the suction power of both are very similar, just a very different feel when actively suctioning; the Go has shorter bursts when compared to the M5 which has a longer pull on the nipple.


At the end of the day I have to admit, I have changed teams, I prefer the Momcozy M5 over the Go, the price point is a bonus.

willow go vs M5

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I have the Imani’s and sometimes the seal will break and leak. The M5’s look to have a similar seal style so I’m fearful they will also leak. Is the willow go leak proof?

Reilee Dahl

How about cleaning. Do you prefer one vs the other and also assembling them after cleaning. Is one easier than the other. I currently have the M5 but was thinking of getting the willow Go. Does having an app make a significant difference in your pumping journey?

Mai Cruz

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