Lactation Massager Comparison

Lactation Massager Comparison

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Lavie set $69.90

Momcozy $29.99

LaVie solo $34.95 

Zomee $29.99 (20% off affil)

NCVI amazon set $49.99

Fridamom $34.99


Coming in hot (no pun intended) for first place is the LaVie Lactation Massaging pads. The fact that they’re sold as a set is an easy choice for me, I like to use my massagers simultaneously. The most effective way I’ve been able to apply these massagers while pumping is one on each breast, the heat and vibration help me to achieve more let-downs during a single session. Now add the fact that they’re one of the top two quietest motors in this ranking and the heating element doesn’t play around; it *can be* super warm for many, well it’s a win-win all around.


Before we dive into the pros and cons of the following massagers it’s important to understand what they’re best intended for. In the recent past it was instructed to “dig” out a single clogged duct but according to the most up to date (2022) AMB (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine) Protocol #36: The Mastitis Spectrum

Ducts in the breast are innumerable and interlacing and it is not physiologically or anatomically possible for a single duct to become obstructed with a macroscopic milk ‘‘plug.’’

With the new understanding of clogs and mastitis, we should be more careful when choosing which “tool” to help aide “clogged ducts”.

These massagers should be used to help aide active milk removal, not clear what we now understand to be ductal narrowing caused by inflammation and/or mammary dysbiosis. These massagers should not be used to aide all forms of mastitis and other breast tissue traumas.


✨Now that this is all out on the table, let’s rank!✨

Since I’m a fan of the massagers sold in sets the NCVI should be considered, however they are extremely loud (x2). Example, I had to turn them off while having a conversation with my husband because they were too distracting. Since these massagers fell short due to volume I have to give second place to the Momcozy single massager. This massager has great surface coverage and is super quiet. The Momcozy massager has a low profile so it won’t be drawing too much extra attention to your breasts. The large flat area of this massager also doubled for its heating element, not as hot as the LaVie set but enough heat to get the job done. For the price of one Momcozy massager you can purchase two and just barely skim the cost of the LaVie Massagers- if you’re looking to stretch your dollar the furthest this option could be it!


Up next are the Zomee and LaVie massagers. I’d be making things up if I ranked them against each other. They have very similar body shape but the Zomee absolutely has an advantage over the LaVie when it comes to volume of the motor. The LaVie single massager is very loud and to think I used to use two at a time before the set was available for purchase. The Zomee also has a (weak) heating element which LaVie lacks. However, I really don’t feel the need for these style massagers any longer when considering the new Protocol #36 and suggested practices. The pointed ends are to “help” move clogs, we now understand that this is old advice and could worsen inflammation and symptoms.


Avoid electric toothbrushes and other commercial vibrating or massaging devices.


My two least favorite lactation massagers are a tight race to the finish line, between the FridaMom massager and the NCVI massaging set. I had higher hopes for the NCVI set but they’re too loud and aren’t as comfortable on the skin due to the cheap silicone finish. At the end of it all the FridaMom hands down wins for the worst massager. The volume of this rinky dink massager will draw ALL the attention to your pump session and heaven forbid you use this massager next to your nursing baby’s eardrums. The advertising of this massager suggests to use the “hook” end to dig out clogs 😫. Not only is this advertising misleading, it’s also dangerous. By taking their advice you will very possibly increase inflammation to your breast tissue and in turn potential of encouraging mastitis. Do yourself a favor, keep your $34.99, apply it to a set of LaVie lactation pads and use these lactation massager to help aide active milk removal NOT solve breast tissue damage.


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