Elvie Stride vs Willow Go Comparison

Elvie Stride vs Willow Go Comparison

Willow Go vs Elvie Stride breast pump review

These pumps are Willow & Elvie’s “more affordable product options”. I whole heartedly believe that both the Stride and Go should be the leading products for both Willow & Elvie. In my opinion both the Stride and Go are far easier to use than the original pumps offered 𝘢𝘯𝘥 less money. I have found neither the Stride nor the Go require hacks to make them operate effectively. When I was equally using and sharing the Willow 3.0 and Elvie I couldn’t use them without a hack.

Stride is basically leak proof, unlike the Go. I REALLY wish Go adopted the same pour and vent combination that Elvie has done with the Stride. If the Go had this option opposed to the pour spout that doubles as their air vent I’d give Go a winning ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review.

Profile. This is hardly an argument, the stride wins hands down as far as depth of cup is concerned. The Stride is significantly less bulky. Unfortunately the cups have those funny disks that attach to the front of their cups which can take away from a clean contour of a natural breast. The Go when used with the 𝟱𝗼𝘇 cups doesn’t look ridiculous and I feel are easy enough to conceal. It adds a little to your chest but nothing like the 3.0. Finally, the 𝟳𝗼𝘇 Go containers put me back where we started with the OG, this unfortunately isn’t a compliment.

Time on the pump. Hands down the Go emptied me faster than the Stride. I think it’s worth acknowledging that the Stride may take longer to empty your breasts, but if you have the time- they may still get the job done.

Suction 💪🏼. The Willow wins this category for me. I feel I need to crank the Stride to get decent suction- possibly the reason why it takes so long to empty, not to mention the dull suction pattern. I’m overall very happy with the Go’s power and suction pattern. The Go’s suction is what you’d expect from most pumps, easy to respond to but without the vibration. No fancy foot work with this pump.

WWKD (what would Kristen do)
If I were to choose between the two I’d go with the Go. #1there’s no tubes #2 there’s options for more milk capacity & #3 it empties me faster, achieving my main goal.

𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗱𝗲- 269.99 𝘷𝘴 Elvie 549.99
𝗚𝗼- 329.99 𝘷𝘴 3.0 499.99


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