Elvie Stride Review

With all products there are pros and cons. Unfortunately the Elvie Stride, used as the original out of the box full pumping assembly, checks off more cons than pros for my liking⠀

Let’s chat strength. I’ve been reading about moms getting the Stride for next to nothing after ran though insurance. All I can say is, you get what you pay for. If you owe $10 after insurance, you just bought yourself a $10 pump. I wanted to give the Stride a fair shot so I used it as is and hacked with traditional flanges; both equally disappointing. To the point: does it work? Sure, it creates a suction but do I feel it’s enough to encourage and sustain your supply- unfortunately, no⠀

Now for the cups. If you’re already set up with an efficient pump and looking for a secondary, I wouldn’t be opposed to getting this set up for dirt cheap and only putting the cups to use. For $10, yes it’s worth it. These cups are not the best I’ve used, but I believe like most cups, they’re enough for on the go use. Their low profile is the most appealing feature, this design really isn’t that bad. I think hacked with another quality pump they can absolutely be repurposed⠀

My final thoughts, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who’s already ordered and anticipating using this set up to start their exclusive pumping journey. Just keep this review in mind when you start pumping. If you find you’re having trouble pumping- it’s likely not you- it’s this pumping assembly. I would 100% recommend using an inexpensive manual pump such as the Medela Harmony to save your supply while you’re locating a new pump to replace the Stride⠀

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mobile setups such as this one should not be used as a primary source at moving milk. I’ve also found this pump works best after it’s been hacked with a) flange reducers and b) another pump. I’m not a fan of products that need outside help to work, especially when that means an entirely different pump⠀

This pump isn’t the ultimate pits but I wouldn’t give it too much credit. IMO, it wasn’t thought through and Elvie could have done more to make this pump worth your insurance credit.

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I hate the Elvie Stride cups. I cannot get them to stay in place in my bra! They move all over. Any hacks to use the motor with traditional bottles/flanges?

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