BeauGen vs LacTeck Comparison

BeauGen vs LacTeck Comparison

I have regularly used both the @lacteck flanges and @beaugenmom cushions for an extended amount of time. When I pumped for my multiples the combination, yes used together, were an absolute must for my pumping comfort. I found the flanges to be a winning choice for my overall pumping ease and the cushions were a must have for my elastic tissue. My first round of pumping included much unwanted nipple damage; it wasn’t until I started using the cushions that my nipple damage resolved. For this reason alone I would never stray anyone away from making this purchase.

My second pumping experience began solely my @lacteck flanges, unknown to me my nipple size requirements changed from my first experience and I caused myself nipple damage. The one way I found to reverse this damage was bringing in my BeauGen cushions. Again, the cushions helped alleviate my pain and reduced any future damage, once I began using my proper flange size. Once my nipple damage was resolved I put the cushions to the side and only used the flanges. I found this time around the cushions weren’t as necessary as they were when I first discovered them.

Overall, I think both the flanges and the cushions are excellent options for both comfort and elastic tissue. But you do not need to be experiencing elastic tissue to benefit from either, consider it a bonus.

The only thing in my opinion that sets these products apart is the need for replacement. Unlike the LacTeck flanges, the BeauGen need replacement approx every 30 days. It’s a no brainer that this price could easily add up over time.

My advice to someone interested in either product would be; go for it. They’re both equally beneficial, as for the reoccurring price of the cushions- purchase one time and see if you feel they’re worth the reoccurring price tag. If you’re currently experiencing damage- definitely get a pair of cushions to, at the least, help bring your nipples back to good health.

If these are products you’re interested in, there are discount codes in the Save $ highlight. Never a pitch, only here to help🤍

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Hello, I was wondering if you have any advice for elastic nipples ? One lactation consultant said I should be a 28 another said I should be 21in lactek… and I’ve tried 17 and 19. If one has elastic nipples does the elasticity actually stop or not ? I am in pain pumping and I can’t figure out a way to help. I think the main problem is flange size.
Thanks, Caleigh Demps

Caleigh Demps

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