Baby Buddha Review

Baby Buddha Review

Baby Buddah breast pump review
UPDATE June 2024: This reivew is a relfection of the original version, which I did have success with during my first two pumping journys! I am excited and proud to announce that of May 13th, 2024 Baby Buddha has released the Baby Buddha 2.0 model! This model includes an additional mode, reduced suction strength while still being as powerful as we all remember! This version provides more options to cater to more mamas' sensitvity needs! Stay tuned for an updated review on the 2.0!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve used my BabyBuddha. This pump accompanied me to the hospital for my last delivery but didn’t deliver like I had once remembered. My history goes way back with BabyBuddha, I was 3mpp with my multiples and desperate for a small and mobile pump that packed a punch. When I discovered this pump I was SOLD. When I ordered it I immediately fell in love, a love that lasted for a total of 31 months over 2 rounds of pumping; my multiples (15m long) & my first singleton (16m long). Flash forward 5mpp with my second singleton and I’ve only just picked this pump up again now for a refresh for this review.

I jumped back in the saddle to give it a fair shake for a fair review, after all it was my go-to primary pump for a very long time. And it’s just as I remember, no fluff and that lonnngggg signature pull. If you’ve heard anything about the Babybuddha pump it might be how it has this surprise long pull after a continuous (10) suctions. This particular detail used to be the one that kept me around. But now it’s unfortunately the detail that keeps me away. When I was newly postpartum I attempted to use the Babybuddha but that long pull had my newly postpartum nipples crying for help. Now, 5mpp, it’s much more tolerable but I’m not sure it’s necessary to be considered an effective pump. I cannot argue that this long pull doesn’t move milk quickly, it absolutely can, but at what cost. The long pull (which can be turned off with the toggle of the mode button) is a hit or miss for most. Some, like myself, love(d) it. But just as many have found this vibration-less, extra long pull pump counter productive and unable to trigger a letdown. Just as anything else, you won’t know until you try. I loved this pump for a long time so I won’t say it won’t work for you, but I do believe that there are just as effective pumps out there to choose from which won’t come with a nipple stretching *surprise*. I would be lying if I said this pump never caused me me nipple damage. My first terrible experience with nipple damage with my multiples was 100% related to using the wrong size flange. My second nasty encounter with nipple damage was 100% due to this aggressive long pull I was getting reacquainted with. Remember *a stronger suction does not equate to more milk* and that’s exactly what I had been doing. I turned this baby all the way up and whistled Dixie as my nipples burned and bled. Don’t let my nipple damage scare you, only consider it when you’re using *any* pump that is causing you pain. Pumping is not supposed to hurt, discomfort.. yea we’ve all been there, but it should resolve. Pain? No, it should not be causing your toes to curl and your nipples to bleed. Some pumps are more aggressive than others and the Baby Buddha can absolutely fall under this category. It’s small. Just because the Baby Buddha is a small pump making it an ideal mobile pump, doesn’t mean it can’t be considered a primary pump. This pump was my primary for almost a total of 3 years. As long as a pump is moving milk adequately and you’re responding well to this *said pump* it can totally be your primary pump. The baby Buddha is no different. My final thought, I’m not going to dog Baby Buddha. This pump was my breast friend for a long time but unfortunately I’ve moved on from the need of the long pull. I have found more comfort and success with other pumps that don’t put that extra tug on my nipples. I really believe that this feature can and will move milk fast but I also believe it’s not necessary and not worth the discomfort. If you choose to pursue the Baby Buddha I would recommend it after you’ve been pumping for a short period of time. Seasoned nipples may have an easier time with this *surprise* pull, fresh postpartum nipples may not have such luck.   🚨Word on the street Baby Buddha reduced the suction strength by 20%. As soon as I’m able to put this updated version to the test I’ll be right back to update and confirm 

UPDATE! Thank you to BabyBuddha for providing an upgraded breast pump for my comparison! After using both the new and old model pumps apart and simultaneously I can confidently say I cannot tell that much of a difference. I've said it once and I'll say it again, due to the nature of the signature pull within the Stimulation mode (pull, pull, pull, 10x then loonnggggg pull) any excessive pulling on your nipples may not be comfortable and hard to mask even by a reduction in strength. Keep in mind there are two modes Stimulation and Expression mode, Expression mode does not have the long pull sequence. If you're unable to tolerate the long pull you will only be able to use this pump at half capacity being stuck only able to use one mode. 

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Upon using this pump and sharing with bemybreastfriends Instagram community I polled a few questions, here were the responses!



For sure! 2%

Nah, same for me 2%

The other 96% of votes were to spy on the results. Ultimately this poll didn't give us much insight. However, "Nah, same for me" lead the poll by 7 votes over "For sure!"



Love the long pull 7% 

Meh, It's kind of aggressive 13% 

Aggressive but effective 20% 

Show me the results bc idk 60% 

The results of this poll clearly show that those who've used the BabyBuddha pump agree that the long pull is aggressive BUT effective. This I can totally agree with! Considering the pump is pulling extra long on your nipples it allows more milk to extract at one time. This is where the "this pump empties me faster than others" comes into play.


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I am just 2 weeks postpartum with baby #2 and the long pull is way too much for me. But I just toggle to the other mode and I really enjoy the other setting. I’m not a fan of the flanges that come with it – the silicon flange cushion is too grippy – even with lanolin oil it still really hurts. I’ve hacked with the medela bottles and lactek flanges really like the combo

Kristen Range

I’ve tried multiple pumps but at 3 months pp the buddha was the only one that efficiently removed milk. It even increased my supply. I sit on bacon mode and get 5ish letdowns in a 25-30 min pump session. But I agree freshly postpartum it would be too much i’m sure.

courtney sidhu

This pump does not work. I decided to get this pump for convenience for my third child. It doesn’t work. I get no milk whatsoever, other than a few drops. The hand pump works perfectly fine. I also used the Medela pump which I never had any issues with, other than not being portable. The suction is strong and the pump is very convenient. Unfortunately it does not pull milk. This is very disappointing given the reviews that state it works so well


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