Products 101

Product 101 Duckbills
Product 101 Valve and Membrane
Above are linked V&Ms but I recommend the Legendairy Milk duckbills linked above!
Product 101 Backflow Protectors
Product 101 Plastic Flanges
Product 101 Silicone Flanges
LackTeck Flanges 10% off with code BREASTFRIEND10
Read comparison HERE
Product 101 Silicone Flanges 2
Pumpables use BREASTFRIEND for 10% off
Product 101 Silicone Flanges 3
Shop here for PumpinPals
Product 101 Collection Cups
Shop Zomee Silicone Collection Cups HERE
use Kristen15 for 15% off
Product 101 In Your Bra Pumps
Shop Momcozy M5 HERE
always try discount code SELFCAREMAMA % Check bemybreastfriend on Instagram for any special promos 
Product 101 Tubing
tube that I always buy! Shop HERE

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