Mobile Pumping & The First 12WPP

Mobile Pumping & The First 12WPP

Technology is constantly advancing to make our lives as breastfeeding mamas more convenient. There’s no doubt about it, the concept of these pumps and cups are ideal for anyone not wanting to be strapped to their seat every 3 hours.
However I wish there was a warning sticker that came on the product box reading


Let’s start this conversation with this fact, breast milk production is based on supply and demand. So whether you are using a basic flange that fits you poorly or using a hospital grade pump that your body isnt responding well to, your output has the potential to be less than it should.

Insufficient removal of milk can leave to a reduction of supply.

These collections devices should be considered no differently, as a matter of fact they should be considered with even more caution.

These devices have a reputation of not emptying breasts as well as a basic well fitted flange. Of course, this may not apply to everyone. Like anything else, breast pumps are not a one size fits all. Keep in mind these collection devices have a common reputation of leaving milk behind.

Now for that regulated portion of this warning, the simple answer.
Our goal as a pumping or nursing mama is to regularly remove milk, done by pump or baby. When baby feeds often and efficiently this informs your body of baby’s supply needs. The same can be said about removing milk with a pump. If baby has difficulty transferring milk or the pump isn’t adequately removing milk during the first 12 weeks this can ultimately determine your future supply. During the first 12wpp supply is driven by both supply and demand AND rise in hormones. If we get off on a bad start it may be difficult to reverse damage to your supply once regulated.

Don’t misinterpret this message, I think these are a great pumping option.
I firmly believe that these devices should have a specific use, exclusively pumping from day one may not one of them.

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