Cleaning Bottles and Pump Parts

Cleaning Bottles and Pump Parts

According to the CDC you should always clean all pump parts and baby feeding devices in a seperate basin. Contrary to popular belief, kitchen sinks harbor more bacteria than other common places within our homes. 

  • Place all items in a clean basin or container used only to clean infant feeding items. Do not wash directly in the sink because it may contain germs that could contaminate these items.


I would also recommend a sponge-less bottle brush, this OXO brush is my top choice, after using mutliple styles and brands this one is far superior!

If you're looking for smaller brush options to get into the nooks and crannies, this set of bristle brushes is a great add-on to your cleaning routine!

To finish off this washing process, now its time to dry! I love this OXO drying rack, I know a rack is a rack, but its truly the simplest to use, no silly details and is dishwasher safe. 

Use vinegar to remove stubborn fat residue on your bottles and bottle nipples.⠀

How to: ⠀⠀


1️⃣ approx. 10 cups of water, enough water to submerge all nipples ⠀⠀

2️⃣ mix in 1 cup of white vinegar ⠀⠀

3️⃣ soak for 30 mins ⠀⠀

4️⃣ pour or drain vinegar mix ⠀⠀

5️⃣ add new water and soap mix to clean ⠀⠀⠀⠀


Use baking soda to remove sticky film that appear over time on your silicone parts.

How to:


1️⃣Mix enough baking soda and water to create the paste to coat your parts!

2️⃣Allow to set, approximately 10 mins. The longer time setting, the better!

3️⃣Wash away and clean


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Question: what brand of nipples are featured in the photos ? Comment: I use a slightly different routine. I use Dapple soap for milk residue. Let parts soak in a basin or bowl of hot water and dapple soap. Fill giant pot of water and set on stove to boil. Scrub and rinse parts in hot water with bottle brush. Set aside in a strainer. Empty bowl of wash water, rinse, soap it, scrub it, rinse it again to get any residue off the bowl. Then, return clean parts to bowl. Pour boiling hot water over the clean parts into the bowl. Let sit for 5 minutes for softy silicone pump parts or other pump parts that can only take 5 minutes per manufacturer’s instructions. Remove with tongs. Set aside to air dry. Allow other sturdy PP plastic pump parts (check manufacturer instructions), silicone bottle nipples, silicone nipple shields, glass or PP plastic, bottles etc. to let stand in hot water for additional 10-15 minutes. Remove with tongs. Either, let air dry, or, for the parts that can withstand baby breeze dry heat, use dry only function to dry.

Laura Curtis

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