BeauGen Breast Cushions

BeauGen Breast Cushions

BeauGen Breast Cushions
Why use BeauGen cushions? One word: comfort

It’s 2023 and I’ve only used my cushions a hand full of times since 2019. Back when I was a new pumper for my multiples I used these cushions like clockwork. They never missed a session and if they did, I was missing them. I love these cushions for the added cushion for each suction rotation of the motor. If you have elastic tissue and your flange size is between 21-28mm I highly recommend giving these a try.

When I was newly postpartum navigating my own struggles with flange fitting and then come to find I have elastic tissue, I brought these cushions into my pumping routine. No regrets. I loved these things, not only did they hold back on my elastic tissue but they made pumping tolerable again.

Flash forward to my first singleton’s birth, I started pumping all over again and gave myself some gnarly nipple damage due to a change in flange size demands. I changed my flange size and added the cushions in to help heal the damage. 🪄🪄 fixed.

Flash forward today! I haven’t really found I need the cushions like I once had, probably because I’ve been pumping for 5 years. But just a few weeks ago I started bringing the cushions back into rotation for my Momcozy oversized flanges, in lieu of the flange insert 🪄🪄again. I would never suggest the cushions should be used to reduce your flange size needs but for some they do help play a part in replacing reducers if the requirement is minimal.

Who can benefit from cushions?
Anyone with a flange size of 21-28mm. They’re not only for elastic tissue, they’re also for maximum comfort!

What they can be used for
🪄Help resolve nipple damage. Worked like a charm in all of my trauma situations.
🪄Elastic tissue. Helps hold back the elasticity and provided tons of comfort while pumping.
🪄 Has the ability to help recuse flange size without using a silicone insert. This wouldn’t be my first recommendation at reducing your flange but some have found it useful.

Consumable product:
It is recommended to replace your cushions monthly. Please keep in mind; if you’re not using your cushions as regularly as an exclusive pumper, this may not apply to you.

About the image:
The center pair were 7 weeks old, I was starting to notice that they weren’t as effective as I once remembered. It was becoming more obvious that my nipples were stretching further and further past the cushion. Over time the cushion naturally become worn and they no longer have the strength to hold back the elastic tissue.

The first video, without cushions, was not comfortable to film. Again, it’s been so long since I’ve pumped without cushions I’ve forgotten what it feels like to pump without them. The cushions add a barrier between your nipples and the shield which provides a new level of comfort.

💡I pumped 3 to 4ppd with this 7wk old pair
See the IMAGE in action on INSTAGRAM

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