Nipple Ruler

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You've seen the print and cut style nipple rulers, but what about a silicone ruler that can last you your entire breastfeeding journey and beyond! If this design doesn't make you giggle, what will 😆! 

This ruler ranges from 14mm-30mm, the instructions are printed on the backside and can double as your kids stencil when all said and done.

Priced at $9.99 including shipping, everyone should be able to measure their nipples without over spending.

*~BoNuS*~ When the ruler is added to an existing cart the price automatically comes down to $8 

Pumping shouldn't hurt, measure your nipples to gauge in your best flange fit for best results, avoid nipple trauma and best comfort!


✨Bulk pricing available, the goal is to make these rulers available to EVERYONE! Please email for pricing 🫶🏼

Customer Reviews

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Courtney Huntington

So easy to use with directions on the back. I felt better about using this rather than paper because 1. Paper cuts! 2. Accuracy!

Truly an essential tool every mama needs

Durable, useful even after pumping, my kids can use these to draw 😝. Love it the idea, I carry this with me in my pump bag

Tina Youse
Easier than using a caliper

Solid construction, since is a single piece of silicone, and easy to clean. The baby and toddler like to play with it. Lol but it's serious good to have on had to check if there are any size changes every few months. And I can't pass it in the my friends after they have their babies.


So happy I have this, I can confidently purchase correct flange sizes. Pumping is more comfortable and better output!

First purchase for baby 2

The ruler was much thicker than I expected. I’m looking forward to using it on this journey.