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A few of my favorites

BabyBuddha Breast Pump

As an exclusive pumper mobility is a must! Once I discovered the BabyBuddha breast pump my exclusive pumping journey became much more manageable! You can find many posts and videos on bemybreastfriend for tips and how to hack your BabyBuddha breast pump to other flange and accessory arrangements!

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LaVie Lactation Massagers

Adding heat and/or vibration to your breastfeeding journey provides many benefits! These two additions to your breastfeeding session can help encourage milk flow! When experiencing a a clogged duct vibration can help loosen the blockage in your breast! 

There isn't a session that passes that I do not apply my warming lactation pads!

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BeauGen Breast Cushions

No one can prepare you for your breastfeeding journey, there are so many unknowns and to my surprise I learned the meaning of 'elastic tissue' the hard way! After continuous nipple damage I discovered BeauGen Breast Cushions. 

These cushions saved my journey and are an essential part of my pumping routine. 

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LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges

Not all flanges are created equal, LacTeck BabyMotion Flanges stand out above the rest! These unique silicone flanges mimic a baby's suckle. My favorite feature about these flanges are how they move with my body. Rigid flanges tend to lose suction when repositioning, these flanges contour comfortably to my breasts and reduce loss of suction and provide a gentile fit.

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Idaho Jones Breast Pump Bags

Where I go, my breast pump goes. It didn't take me long to realize my over sized leather tote wasn't cutting it! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use the Idaho Jones Ellerby bag! Staying organized on the go while carrying an attractive bag has made all the difference in keeping organized outside of the comfort of my own home. 

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The Dairy Fairy & Milkful Hands-Free Nursing & Pumping Bras

The Dairy Fairy offers a range of styles of hands-free pumping and nursing bras. If you're unable to find your size there, hop over to their sister company Milkful! These bras have a perfect fit and accommodate most flanges on the market!

 No need to carry an extra pumping bra, you're already wearing one! 

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Zoe strollers & More

Already having one set of multiples with another baby on the way I needed to find a stroller that would accommodate all three of my littles! I already have the Zoe Twin+ and I wanted to find an affordable option that would convert my existing stroller into an easy to use triple. 

Hello Zoe!

 Zoe offers add-on seats which make it possible to build your Twin+ to a quad! 

Strollers are just the beginning of this company's specialties! The Cloud and Cloud Mini are compact and easy travel-ready portable crib and play yards! 

Check out Zoe for more affordable essentials!

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