Five Tips for Traveling While Pumping

Five Tips for Traveling While Pumping

traveling with breastmilk

1. Strategic packing was big for me. I used the Sarah Wells Madeleine Roller Bag and the Abby pump bag (15% off). I placed the items I knew I wasn’t going to use during my flight in my stow away carry on. I kept my Pumpables Genie Advanced Breast Pump (10% off), collection cups and Ceres Chill (15% off) in my Abby pump bag I kept at my feet.

2. Layering and easy pumping clothing. Once settled into my seat I easily was able to slip my cups right into my Amelia long Cami tank, I wore the Everywhere V-Neck Tee by Of An Origin (15% off) which fits a little looser so I could look down inside my top while getting my cups situated discreetly. I prefer the Amelia Cami by Davin&Adley for collection cups for two reasons.

1 ➡️ easy to slip cups in and out without fiddling with nursing clips.

2 ➡️ The cups fit so well within this cami they stay put. 

use BREASTFRIENDS10 at checkout on your new favorite pumping cami

3. Freezing milk and packing ziplock bags. Freezing milk will always be in your best interest when compared to traveling with fresh/liquid milk. As long as milk is  frozen it is not subjected to the same testing protocols as liquified milk. *Note* ice packs and breastmilk whether frozen or thawed are considered medically necessary and are acceptable while traveling through TSA. Pack extra one gallon plastic bags for easy maneuvering. Example: while all loose storage bags are contained in ONE large gallon size bag within your traveling cooler bag, if TSA wants to inspect the cooler, it’s an easier one and done removal.

4. Know your rights and don’t be afraid or intimidated to speak up. Upon meeting my match at the TSA security check on the way home from FFL I had requested a hand check for my milk, I chose to not have it ran through x-ray. According to TSA x-ray scanning of milk is not harmful and has shown not to have have affect on breastmilk. However, I chose to opt out of this process, my right to do so, and have my milk inspected visually and by other means. Once you make it to this point of security and its time for them to handle your milk, request they put on need clean gloves. *There is no limit on how much milk you're able to travel with while traveling Domestically (US), if traveling abroad please check guidelines for each country you will be traveling. Traveling with breastmilk abroad can vary from country to country, fresh vs frozen, carryon vs stowaway.

5. Fridge hack on the go! Place a frozen ice pack in your cooler along with your flanges and/or collection cups to save on cleanings between sessions! I personally used this method for my first 3 sessions of the day! First session was on the plane, #2 in my rental car and #3 after checking into my hotel room! This was a span of 8-9 hours, pumping approx. every 3 hours!

If you’re not comfortable with this method checkout Medela’s line of cleaning products for on the go, including these wipes! Another awesome and unique option to clean your pumps on the go is this Ceres Chill traveling basin! Surprise, this traveling basin is machine washable too!

Did you know according to ABM Protocol #8 (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine) breastmilk can safely be stored at 59°F or 15°C for up to 24 hours. This temperature is equivalent to a common cooler and ice pack! *I would replenish this said ice pack once liquified, but it does boost my confidence in how powerful and self sustaining breastmilk really is!*

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