Willow vs Elvie Part 1

✨Part 1✨⠀⠀
Let’s start with the obvious and work our way into the mechanics of these two pump options.⠀

The Elvie and Willow are painfully different when comparing the overall size. The Elvie has a more shallow profile and would likely be the better option of a larger chested person. There’s no doubt I feel more confident that my session can go unnoticed while pumping with the Elvies. The Willow pumps add unwanted inches to my already 36DDD, unless I have a scarf to cover my chest I feel they’re on display for anyone to see.⠀⠀
🏆 Elvie wins overall size ⠀⠀
If in a loud setting you’d likely be able to go unnoticed as far as volume of functioning pumps go. But there’s no denying the distinct sound of the Willow. The mechanism that functions the flexitube is both a pro and con. The functionally is simply designed but also it’s downfall because it is so loud. ⠀⠀
🏆 Elvie wins overall preferred volume ⠀⠀
Both the Elvie and Willow have reusable containers for collecting milk. The Willow’s original design was based off one time use closed disposable bags. I absolutely feel these bags are wasteful; but I also have to admit I love the option when on the go. This offers one less part to clean. One and done. ⠀⠀
🏆 Willow wins due to two containment options⠀

Elvie requires 5 individual pieces for assembly.⠀
Willow requires 2 or 3 pieces for assembly, depending on choice of containment ⠀⠀
🏆 Willow, easy peasy set up⠀⠀
Both of these pumps have the ability to be hacked with extra pieces, pieces not always affiliated with the brands themselves. I have found the Elvies have more compatible options but due to the placement of the suction holes you have to be careful when inserting anything into the flange. This inserted piece can easily block the Elvie suction holes and cause more trouble than it’s worth. ⠀⠀
🏆 Willow wins for me because I have found using them Maymom inserts (Willow also sells their own flange reducing inserts) are easier to use since they require no cutting and work the best and easiest with this setup. ⠀

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