Willow Go Review

Willow Go Review

I hate to publish this but I’m an honest gal and this is the truth. I think I love this pump. There’s absolutely things I would change but as a whole, I’m sold.

Fridge hack❄️
In my experience it’s a 50/50 chance or maybe more like a 10/90 chance when asking the pumping community. 90% being the, “ 👎🏻 to the fridge hack”. I’m going to leave it at, there’s no gaurentee it will work, but it might.

Let down ➡️ expression modes vary.
Easily distinguishable.
Strong suction

Sits in the breast easily (36DDD) and easy to center. After a recent poll majority agree that there’s little to no adjustment period getting used to the Willow Go. I absolutely felt there was zero adjustment, just like riding a bike. Put it in my bra and began pumping!

Profile. Winner winner.
WAY less obvious than the 3.0
I always felt the 3.0 was obnoxious and cumbersome. The Go just feels like it hides better under any top

Volume- quiet, very quiet.
The 3.0 has this distinct and annoying mechanical shutter. The Go doesn’t have much of anything in common with the 3.0, esp the volume, complete opposites

Assembly -
Since the Go assembles in 3 parts when it comes to cleaning you really only need to focus on the outside two. The flange and the container are the two parts that come into direct contact with milk. The motors and diaphragms *should* stay dry, due to this, you shouldn’t have to wash the diaphragms after each use. ⚠️You must put the cup on the motor first, then the flange! If you switch this order you will not get suction

My biggest complaint is the fact there are no sensors to stop the motor before the cup overflows. But cups ARE available in both 5 and 7oz, so hopefully that can be a fix for some.

⚠️ I had ONE instance where milk was backfilling the duckbill and leaking out of the tunnel once turned off and removed from my bra. The only thing I found to combat this (which seems to have worked) was make sure the duckbill is seated very well against the white housing of the pump

I really think that the Go should be Willow’s leading product. More affordable price point, user friendly & strong but comfortable suction.


Free case with any pump purchase


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Being able to use the fridge hack was a game changer for me my first time EP. Do you think this wouldn’t work for the fridge hack since the motor attached directly to the cups?

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