Motif Duo Review

Motif Duo Review

Motif Duo Breast Pump Review
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This pump is going to be a tough one to review. It leaves me in a strange limbo, I have such mixed feelings. However, I am confident when I say, I won’t be reaching for this pump again following this review.


This pump is complicated in more ways than one, let me explain. It’s capable of moving milk, I can comfortably express but it leaves me wanting more. There was one session when I was using this pump for about 20 minutes, I had a reasonable amount of milk but felt compelled to disconnect my tubes and hooked up to a more preferred pump. It was immediately I noticed the difference in the suction between the Duo and this other pump. I then continued to pump for 5 more minutes and finished “emptying” with a little more umph from this more effective pump, immediate satisfaction switching over. The best way to describe the suction of the Duo is: lacking in robust stimulation. I don’t tend to max out suction strength to move milk but with the Duo it’s almost impossible not to. But this is where it gets complicated again, level 10 moves more milk but is a little too strong for my comfort and level 7 is more comfortable but doesn’t move the volume I hope for at each pull of the pump.


If you’re looking for a pump to use on the go and want it covered by insurance- I think this pump is a fair option. I would not suggest this pump as your primary pump, not because it’s not reliable but because it’s just not super effective as other options. The size of this pump is reasonable but doesn’t pack the same punch as its competitors.


Motif Duo vs Pumpables Genie AdvancedMotif Duo vs Pumpables Genie Advanced

 Pumpables Genie Advanced vs Motif Duo shown above

I also had a hard time understanding how to toggle between cycle modes when I first used the Duo. It wasn’t until I opened the manual that I was able to figure it out. Even then, I still have trouble initiating and toggling between cycle levels. It seems to me when getting the option to appear on the screen to toggle between cycles the screen reverts back to the suction levels before I can see which cycle I prefer. This is kind frustrating in my opinion because once I get the option to activate it goes away and then I can’t get it to come back until after a few minutes more of pumping.

Again complicated.


The Duo has a mode sequence memory option which I think is cool but has never been necessary for my use. The one thing I’ll say about this memory option is that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out without the Operational Manual. If there’s anything I’m sure of about this pump it’s that you need to keep the manual on hand for reference at all times. Some pumps you can just play around with and figure out how to use them, the Duo is not that pump. Complicated.


Hacks, I’m all about the ease of hacking. This pump couldn’t be easier (to hack). No funny business, straight forward and easy to connect to any flange/cup arrangement. Pop on any tubing on or off the Duo and you should be good to pump.

Thankfully, not complicated.


As I have said, this pump doesn't really have a lot to report on. It's pretty mediocre at best, not the worst I've used but nothing I'd ever recommend. The effectiveness of this pump will get you by but once introduced to be a better pump, I'm willing you won't look back.  


If you’re looking for a Motif ranking, this is what I have so far, reviews are hyperlinked.

Motif Luna

⚡️Motif Luna (original)  ⬆️ will always hold my #1 spot. This pump was excellent, before they switched it out for the same physical design, different motor. I’d recommend the original Luna pump over the Spectra S1/2, yea it was that good. Unfortunately it was replaced with another Luna and there’s no definitive marking to know which pump you have until you turn it on. Read the comparison HERE


⚡️Since the original Luna was changed out for this replacement and currently the only Luna option available, it’s stepped into the #1 spot. I don’t dislike this pump but I don’t prefer it over the original design. I was really disappointed to learn of the change. I had just sang the original Luna’s praise, come to find out the next day that other peoples experience when compared to my review weren’t the same… as it turned out there was a switcharoo with these pumps and I hadn’t reviewed the newest model. 


Motif Duo


⚡️The Motif Duo ⬆️ is hands down better than the Aura, so this pump earned its position at #2. Still not going to be a top contender when recommending a mobile pump but it can get the job done- if you have patience. This pump in my opinion should not be considered as primary, however, if it’s your only option- it’s 100x better than the Babyation.


Motif Aura


⚡️The Motif Aura ⬆️ is quite possibly my least favorite mobile pump I have ever encountered. There is literally nothing about this pump that benefits the user. Between the flat face flange, goofy shaped bottles and tchotchke construction of a pump, your supply will quite possibly face a drastic decline. Dramatic? Meh, you be the judge of that. Read the review HERE


Motif set


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