Momcozy S12 Pro Review

Momcozy S12 Pro Review

Momcozy S12 Pro Breast Pump Review
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If there’s one thing Momcozy is good at it’s not deviating from their original design. The heads of these pumps may vary but ultimately they’re all very similar. If it looks like a Momcozy pump, sounds like a Momcozy pump, feels like a Momcozy pump; well it’s probably just a Momcozy pump. In other words don’t expect a whole lot different when jumping between different models.

Is this a bad thing? No, absolutely not! I think it should be a taken as a compliment because they are able to maintain the feel of their suction. No curve balls with this company.

So what makes the S12 any different you may ask? There are a few notable differences to mention, starting with the suction ability and volume.

This model is slightly quieter than the S9 and offers a third suction mode. Rather than only having stimulation and expression mode, they now offer a mode they’re calling ‘mixed’. This mode style is becoming increasingly popular amongst competitive pump manufactures. If you ask me, I’m not finding it beneficial at all. Regardless of the pump brand, I breeze right over the “mixed” mode and head straight to expression- cut the fancy work and let’s get this milk flowing. Keep in mind I rarely use stimulation mode to trigger a let down, so if stimulation mode something you find necessary and effective you very well may find the ‘mixed’ mode extra helpful!

This extra mode, the mixed mode, is supposed to more closely imitate a baby’s suction pattern while feeding at the breast. This mode combines both the speed of the stimulation mode and slower draw of the expression mode all in one mode option. Considering I don’t care for faster cycle speeds and avoid them-most of the time- I hardly give this new mixed mode a chance, it’s just not for me.

The most notable and most obvious change to the Momcozy motor is to the design of the motor itself. Rather than the circular base that sat in the mold of the cup, this motor is designed to sit right into a short port that is molded off of the cup itself. Basically a female port on the motor which sits right into the male end of the cup. It’s a genius design when compared to the OG. The motor is already more stable and anchored to the cup, then add in the two ball bearings that snap the motor right into place.. this thing isn’t going anywhere!

In addition to the upgrades they made a change to the flange closure that may seem slightly boring and possibly may be overlooked but I can ensure you its a huge fix! They added an extra bite on the cup itself, this double sealed flange design is the answer to everyone’s concerns. The double flange design is basically just an added security that will eliminate the flange from coming apart in your bra.

After reading all of this you might still be wondering what the suction of the S12 Pro can be most closely compared to. Well for starters, the S9. As I’ve said earlier all of the Momcozy pump suction power and feel are pretty much the same across the board. Ultimately it’s going to be a matter of design when choosing your pump. As for how do they all compare to other pumps, well there’s zero vibration. I find myself describing the Momcozy suction as a “non sophisticated suction”, not to be interpreted as a negative comparison. I like that there’s nothing fancy about the pattern or suction. I don’t feel it takes any work to respond since there’s nothing super unique about the suction itself. Let’s be honest, for the (reasonable) price for a set of mobile pumps, I’m not expecting the world but I am expecting something that can effectively move milk- and these can.


Tell us how you really feel Kristen

So, this is what I think of the Momcozy S12 Pro

Best bang for your buck ✔️

Still would argue this pump shouldn’t be used as primary but very reasonable for a secondary ✔️

Oversized flanges that can be easily corrected with flange inserts ✔️

Top motors that will always be awkward no matter which way you spin it ✔️

Straight pull, no vibration, no fluff but gets the job done ✔️

Great storage capacity for an in your bra pump (6oz) ✔️

Charges quickly ✔️


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